Public Libraries In New England -- By: Anonymous

Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 007:26 (Apr 1850)
Article: Public Libraries In New England
Author: Anonymous

Public Libraries In New England

In our last No., p. 178, seq., we furnished some account of the Libraries in Boston, Cambridge, Andover, Newton and Worcester, Ms. and in Providence, R. I. We now subjoin some facts in regard to the remaining Public Libraries in New England.

Libraries In New Haven, Conn

The number of Vols. in the general Library of Yale College, Jan. 1, 1850, was 21,000, not including a few hundred duplicates. The number of pamphlets is estimated at 3500 or 4000. The library has two MSS. probably of the 14th century, a few modern MSS. and a collection of about 40 vols. of MSS., left by the late Pres. Stiles. No catalogue has been published since 1823, which contains the titles of somewhat less than half of the present number of books. The annual increase for ten years past has been between 900 and 1000 vols. The funds devoted to the increase of the library amount to $28,437. Among the more important books in the library are the following. A collection of American newspapers of 1765–6, gathered by Dr. Stiles with reference to the Stamp Act. 4 vols. folio. [This is a unique collection, of great historical value, and not to be replaced.] Silvestre’s Palaeographie Universelle, 4 vols. fol.; Description de l’ Egypte. (an early copy) Paris 1809, etc. 22 vols. fol.; Piranesi: Collection of Roman Antiquities, 27 vols. fol.; Graevius, Gronovius, etc.: Thesaurus Antiquitatum, etc. 87 vols. fol.; Muratori Scriptores Italici, 24 vols. fol.; Annali dell. Instituto di Corrispondenza

Archaeologica, 1829-45.16 vols. 8vo; Bullettino dell. Instituto di Corrispondenza Archaeologica, 1829–44. 8vo; Maii Scriptorum Veterum Vaticana Collectio, 10 vols. fol; Maii Spicilegium Romanum, Collectio, 10 vols. 8vo; The Milan edition of the Italian Classics, uniform. 400 vols. 8vo; Documents Inédits sur 1’Histoire de France, 65 vols. 4to; (in progress) Ersch and Grüber: Encyclopedia, 4to, in prog. 100 vols. Halle Literatur-zeitung, complete, 1785–1849, 141 vols. 4to; Berliner Jahrbücher, complete 1827–1845, 33 vols. 4to; Fundgruben des Orients, 6 vols. fol.; Zahn: Antiqs. of Pompeii, Herculaneum and Stabia. Berlin folio. Pertz: Monumenta Germaniae Historica, fol. 8 vols. received (in progress); Calvini Opera Omnia. Amstel. 9 vols. folio. Taylor’s Engl. Transl. of Plato and Aristotle, 19 vols. 4to. Hansard’s Parliamentary Debates, complete to 1844. 137 vols. 8vo; Kingsborough’s Mexican Antiquities 9 vols. fol.; Purchas his Pilgrimes. 5 vols. fol.; (a fine copy) Catesby’s Natural History of Carolina, fol.; Lond. 1731. Ternaux-Compans: Collection of Voyages, etc. relative to discovery of America, 20 vols. 8vo. Paris. Byzantine Historians, Venice ed. 23 vols. fol.; Collection of Original Pamphlets concerning Engli...

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