The True Doctrine Of Divine Inspiration -- By: Eleazar T. Fitch

Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 012:46 (Apr 1855)
Article: The True Doctrine Of Divine Inspiration
Author: Eleazar T. Fitch

The True Doctrine Of Divine Inspiration

Eleazar T. Fitch

The first outspoken word of God —ὁ λόγος προφορικός— was the creation of the outer world, in which man was to live and behold the expressions of his eternal power and godhead. His first inspiration in man was the breathing, by creative power, into the outer body of man the unseen spirit within —ὁ λόγος ἐνδιάθετος— which, consisting of conscious thought, feeling and will, spake to man within of the like Infinite Essence of God.

But the Scriptures claim more. They speak of a word, superinduced upon these original works of creation arid powers of the soul; a new word, and a new inspiration, proceeding, not from the existing powers of nature, around and Within man, as the cause, but directly from the power of the invisible spirit of God; a supernatural and extraordinary word and inspiration from himself, given to mankind through chosen prophets and his elected Son, in a public ministry of the word and a written record of the inspired revelations. God spake by his prophets and. his Son. All Scripture is given by inspiration of God —θεόπνευστος breathed from God.

These are the claims to a supernatural and extraordinary inspiration of God which are set before us in the Scriptures.

But, starting from a point back of these particular claims, and comprehensive of all possible claims and teachings in our race, the subject of this Article is: “The True Doctrine of Divine Inspiration.” 1

The subject is so general in the statement as to open a very wide field of thought and research. A doctrine is that which is taught by any teacher. There may be, on a particular subject, many differing or opposing views taught by separate men or classes of men. How, then, where different teachers set forth different views, shall any one undertake to set forth that which is alone the true doctrine; how show that it is the true; how show that all others, whether actual or possible, are false; and how show this with convincing authority? The individual to whom is assigned this task, must found his teaching on the reality of things; and, therefore, seek and find, for his own conviction and the conviction of others, those evidences of what the reality is which exist in immovable facts made known by inward consciousness, the external perception of the senses, the self-evident principles of inward reason, the authentic statement of credible human testimony, or the infallible testimony of God.

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