Part 2: Tested by Grace -- By: C. I. Scofield

Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 107:428 (Oct 1950)
Article: Part 2: Tested by Grace
Author: C. I. Scofield

Part 2: Tested by Grace

C. I. Scofield

[Editor’s note: By special request Bibliotheca Sacra is putting back into print the lectures delivered by Dr. Scofield at the second annual Philadelphia Bible Conference. These prophetic messages were given first in 1914 after World War I had begun and appeared originally in a Bible study magazine then being published, Serving and Waiting. The series was entitled “The World War in the Light of Prophecy,” while lecture two—here reproduced—was named “Tested by Grace, or Will the World Receive a Crucified Christ?”]

“The times of the Gentiles” are set forth in Nebuchadnezzar’s vision of the monarchy-colossus given in the second chapter of Daniel. In the seventh chapter the same truth is revealed, but in a way to reveal the inner meaning of this period so long in its duration, and so splendid in its outward form. Instead of a great image made up of precious metals imposing and beautiful, Daniel saw four wild beasts, and that opens the inner heart of Gentiledom and of Gentile world-government during this whole period. It is humiliating to our Gentile pride, but—after all—history has given an unanswerable confirmation. The whole period during which the Gentiles have held undisputed sway over this earth has been a period of bloodshed. Every nation has been born in the throes of warfare. We ourselves were born in war.

In my boyhood two great sections of this country stood arrayed on battlefields to determine whether this country should be one or many, and for four awful years that issue was fought. It had been argued out for forty years in the halls of Congress; good men, trying to find a peaceful solution, found that there was no resource but bloodshed. I heard many of the statesmen of the South speak (some of them with tears in their eyes) of the distress of heart that they felt in seeming impelled to resort to warfare in order to settle a political question.

The nations have been born in war. They have been maintained by war. The greater part of history is a record of wars. And civilization now, at its zenith after all its magnificent achievements in the sphere of invention and discovery to enrich human life and make it more powerful and splendid, could not hold back the war that is now raging. It is no question of crude and ignorant tribes springing to their bows and arrows; it is a warfare of nations armed with the very last discoveries and resources of the highest physical science. And this not in heathendom, but Christendom. We are bringing the heathen into it. Christendom is setting pagans to fight. I heard a missionary sermon about a year ago. I remember the constant recurrence of a phrase. I know and love the man who preache...

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