Part 4 What Will We Do in Heaven? -- By: N. A. Woychuk

Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 108:432 (Oct 1951)
Article: Part 4 What Will We Do in Heaven?
Author: N. A. Woychuk

Part 4
What Will We Do in Heaven?

N. A. Woychuk

(Continued from the July-September Number, 1951)

Heaven is a place of unceasing activity, the abode of never-tiring thought. It is true that our labors now are limited almost entirely to the goal and purpose of making a living. We labor feverishly for our food, raiment and shelter just to make a livelihood. Consequently only a small proportion of our time is spent in actual living. Our present goal of earning a livelihood will cease at the grave, however, and deeper wants than those of the body alone will be developed in heaven.

There will be activities in heaven which bring into fulness of development all those powers native to the redeemed body, soul and spirit of the individual. It is in heaven that our minds will realize the vastness of opportunity around them and become fully conscious of their capacities and capabilities. There it is that the spirit will grow alive to its desires and finally be satisfied in the sphere of its achievement. The marvel of God’s infinite character and ability will unfold itself before our eyes, presenting new objects to live for and a boundless field for discovery, research, the sense of beauty, beneficence and adoration.

We think of heaven not as a stationary community, but as a world where are fostered stupendous plans and efforts for its own development. We think of the society of heaven passing through successive stages of advance, knowledge and power by reason of the energy of its members. In heaven we shall be freed from warfare against the devil, the world and the flesh, for saints will be in a place where there is no sin, on every hand surrounded by holiness and perfection. Our natures will then be purified from all sin and dross. The twenty-four day will be no more, and so there must be ample time not simply for the purpose of making a living but for the sake of living itself.

The question is often asked, What will we do in heaven or what will be the activities there for our enjoyment and advancement? Although some of our friends insist that very little is said in the Bible concerning this matter and, therefore, we ought to refrain from vain speculation on the subject, the topic nevertheless is tremendously vital, so much so that we are unable to keep from thought about it. Perhaps if we thought more about it and looked for information regarding it with a keener mind, we would discover that the Word of God has a lot to say of which the average person is ignorant. I believe that the question of what our activities will be in heaven is more easily answered than many suppose.

When God creates an individual and endows him with a certain nature, H...

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