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Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 133:530 (Apr 1976)
Article: Book Reviews
Author: Anonymous

Book Reviews

When Is Jesus Coming Again? By Hal Lindsey et al. Carol Stream, IL: Creation House, 1974. 96 pp. Paper, $1.45.

After two introductory articles, including one by Arnold T. Olsen on the certainty of the second coming, and an introductory chapter of four pages by Hal Lindsey, four different views on the question of whether the church will go through the tribulation are presented. Thomas S. McCall does a good piece of work representing the pretribulational position. Robert H. Gundry is chosen for posttribulationism although his views of posttribulationism are peculiar to himself and not normative. Gleason L. Archer presents midtribulationism, and J. Barton Payne expounds his view of posttribulationism under the title “Pas/tribulation.”

The presentation leaves much to be desired because the complexity of the question whether the church will go through the tribulation cannot be handled adequately in a 96-page treatment. Not represented is the mainstream of posttribulationism today, as expounded by Alexander Reese, probably the most important posttribulationist in the twentieth century, and George Ladd representing the recent futurist school of posttribulationism .

Although the work attempts to be irenic, it is obviously heavily weighted against the pretribulational view as three of the four major contributors level most of their arguments against pretribulationism. The psychological impact of the volume on those who are unfamiliar with the doctrine is to leave them with the sense that no sure conclusion can be reached and that any of the views is more probably wrong than right. In the end, prophecy suffers more than it gains through the presentation of this volume. The promise of the publisher that reading this book will leave the reader “more eager to share with others the ‘Blessed Hopc’“ will not be realized by most readers.

J. F. Walvoord

Studies in the Person and Work of Jesus Christ. By W. E. Best. Grand Rapids: Baker Book House, 1975. 129 pp. Paper, $2.95.

Regeneration and Conversion. By W. E. Best. Grand Rapids: Baker Book House, 1975. 126 pp. Paper, $2.95.

Unwavering imprecations of heresy on those who differ with the author characterize these volumes. The first book thunders forth with page-by-page crescendo: Christ is impeccable! The second sets forth the theme: salvation is sovereiguly and irresistibly an act of God! No quotations (other than Scriptures) were seen in these pages.

It is undeniable that some of the truths authoritatively expressed here need reaffirmation. Teaching on the nature of the person of Christ needs strong bib...

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