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Journal: Bible and Spade (Second Run)
Volume: BSPADE 01:1 (Winter 1988)
Article: Book Reviews
Author: Anonymous

Book Reviews

Ludwig’s Handbook of Old (and New) Testament Rulers and Cities, (Accent Books, O.T. 1984, N.T. 1983). are excellent books that lift ancient people and places out of the forgotten past into present reality, Together the two volumes (one on the O.T. and one on the N.T.) present the historical setting and significance of 26 major rulers and 24 major cities of Bible times. These times are studied through the “eyes” of contemporary rulers and by “walking” the streets of biblical cities.

Through archaeological discovery and the ability to read ancient documents and inscriptions, new dimensions have been added to our current knowledge of biblical history. Ludwig illuminates this period by demonstrating the relevance of ancient finds to specific Bible narratives.

For example: Look at Paul standing bound before Felix. The drama is increased when we learn that Felix was a former slave; and that even during the trial, he was in such trouble with the Roman government, he feared for his life.

In addition to the easy-reading text, each volume has an index of several hundred entries. There are appendices outlining chronologies of rulers, sacred and secular, from the time of Abraham through the first century. There are also special notes on the different Herods. For those who would like further study, an excellent bibliography is included.

Dr. Woodrow Kroll sums up our review, “The handbooks are a banquet of tasty delicacies from Bible times. Ludwig spreads before us useful and interesting information about rulers and cities that will season personal Bible study and add spice to any message.”

The two volumes are quality-size paperbacks, reasonably priced. Both can be ordered from ABIL They are $6.75 each, plus $.75 postage for the first book and $.30 for each additional. Please specify which you want (O.T. or N.T.), or both.

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