If Evolution Were True, Is There Enough Time For It To Have Occurred? -- By: Anonymous

Journal: Bible and Spade (Second Run)
Volume: BSPADE 01:3 (Summer 1988)
Article: If Evolution Were True, Is There Enough Time For It To Have Occurred?
Author: Anonymous

If Evolution Were True,
Is There Enough Time For It To Have Occurred?

No. As we shall see, even if the earth were 4.5 billion years old, that is not enough time.

On the other hand, there is ample evidence that it is young. And why not? A miracle-working, Infinite, Omniscient, Eternal Creator doesn’t need long stretches of time.

Time is important to humans. It is especially important to evolutionary philosophers in that there cannot be both an eternal God and an eternal universe. Since evolutionary philosophy is oriented to make God unnecessary, one would expect evolutionists to insist on a very old universe - an eternal one that cycles back and forth between Big Bang and collapse. One which creates and recreates itself, and all that is in it, without God being necessary.

But God is eternal, not the universe. Furthermore, He exercised His miraculous, creative powers in only six short days, so He says; and it does not seem to be very long ago, if the Bible is considered historical. Thus one would not expect creationists to insist on an extremely old universe.

Vast Stretches of time are essential to evolutionists. Barely 100 years ago this was not so. Believers and even most nonbelievers thought the earth and universe were young and that God created them. However, under the dominating influence of evolutionary philosophers, “The earth increased in age 40 million years each year between 1868 and 1968” - so says a caption in the American Museum of Natural History in New York city. That makes 4 billion plus years - in only 100+ years! Of course, it didn’t “age” that quickly. It only became that old in some men’s minds over the past century.

We cannot just brush aside the issue of the amount of time, since it is so basic to evolutionary philosophy. But is 4.5 billion years “enough time for natural selection, as it is seen through the eyepieces of Darwinism or neo-Darwinism, to operate and give rise to the observed phenomena of nature?” The answer to this very question was “No!” when it was asked of four probability mathematicians from MIT, Los Alamos and the University of Paris. They concluded that “the probability that we are here now, if natural selection had to choose from all the blindingly large number of alternative systems (10325 possible proteins, each consisting of 250 amino acids) by means of the mechanisms described in current evolutionary theory, is virtually zero.” (Scientific Research, 11/67, p.59,60.) There has not been enough time! There never will be.

Unquestionably the earth and universe do look old to many people. But, that’s the way it is with miracles. They eliminate time. Take Jesus’ first miracle of changin...

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