Book Review: The Long War Against God -- By: Anonymous

Journal: Bible and Spade (Second Run)
Volume: BSPADE 03:2 (Spring 1990)
Article: Book Review: The Long War Against God
Author: Anonymous

Book Review: The Long War Against God

Author: Henry Morris

Reviewed by Ron Zuck

“An unprecedented confusion is now permeating the modern world. Everything has seemingly been turned upside down and the older standards of right and wrong have been almost completely interchanged.”

With these words Dr. Henry Morris begins his book The Long War Against God.

This latest release is the culmination of many years devoted to studying the influence of evolutionary thought on modern life. To many evolution is merely a biological theory which deals with the origin and classification of living things. They do not realize that many of the problems in the world find their roots in evolutionary philosophy. Dr. Morris continues, “Ideas and theories usually have visible consequences. Effects have causes. I propose to show in this book that there is an underlying idea behind these consequences and that this idea, though it goes by many names.., is basically nothing else than the almost sacrosanct doctrine of evolution.” He does accomplish this goal.

The book has three major sections. The beginning section surveys the harmful influence evolutionary philosophy has had since the publication of Origin of Species. The second enlightens one to the background and history of Darwin and evolution. The final section points to the only alternative to evolution: creation and the Gospel.

The first section has three chapters. Chapter one documents how evolutionary philosophy has become the foundation for current thought, both scientific and philosophic. The second records how history has been affected by the application of evolutionary thought to political circumstances. The third discusses the results of mixing evolutionary philosophy with moral values and Christian thought.

The second section is divided into two chapters. The first entitled, “The Dark Nursery of Darwinism,” illucidates the circumstances and personalities of the mid- 1800’s, Darwin’s era. Dr. Morris demonstrates how anti-biblical bias was the motivation for promoting evolution. But evolution did not begin with Charles or Erasmus Darwin. The second chapter traces the origin of evolution to the earliest civilizations known. Interestingly, religion and evolutionary thought are intertwined from earliest times. Indeed there has been a long war against God!

The final section outlines the history of the battle for God and His plan, including His sure and final victory in the age to come.

Three additional outstanding features are the inclusion of a subject index (over 175 major items), a names index (over 500), and a scripture index (over 200 entries).

Dr. He...

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