From The Mailbag. . . -- By: Anonymous

Journal: Bible and Spade (Second Run)
Volume: BSPADE 04:3 (Summer 1991)
Article: From The Mailbag. . .
Author: Anonymous

From The Mailbag. . .

Daniel and His Friends

The article on Daniel and his friends (A&BR, Spring 1991) was remarkable and a good piece of God-honoring archaeological sleuthing. God bless you all at ABR!

J.J.S.J., Carrolton TX

A true supporter

I pray for you all daily! I am happy to play a part in supporting your minstry, and to be a part in this “Long War Against God” as Dr. Morris puts it. I have already read some of your excellently written “Archaeology and Biblical Research” to my Sunday School class. Your magazine and newsletter always edify me and I pass it along to others!

S.D., Lake Success NY

Christians needed in archaeology

I am writing on behalf of my daughter. She is expressing an interest in the fields of anthropology and archaeology. She is a Christian and as she pursues these career fields I want her to have as much exposure as possible to research which supports the creation. I have heard your radio program and understand that you have a newsletter which is available. Would you place my daughter on your mailing list. In addition, if you have any information regarding colleges or universities which you would recommend for these career fields, we would be very interested. [Ed. We sent some suggestions.] I am enclosing a check to help cover the expense of this ministry.

J.F., Cincinnati OH

Fifth Grade Teacher

Thank you for your Newsletter offer [over the radio]. I feel this kind of information will help me be able to “give an answer to everyone that asks me a reason of the hope that is in me (with meekness and fear).” I am a fifth grade public school teacher. .. Our school is participating in an experimental science program where we do have quite a lot of freedom. Unfortunately, most teachers are using this freedom to indoctrinate children with evolutionary teaching.

M.M., California

About Melodies in the Bible

Ed. In the Autumn 1989 and Winter 1990 issues of A&BR, we published John Wheeler’s remarkable articles on musical melodies found in signs above and below the letters of the Hebrew Bible. His work summarized the decipherment of these amazing markings by French composer Mme. Suzanne Haik-Vantura.

John Wheeler informs us that Haik-Vantoura’s book is completed now in English. Her scores have Latinized Hebrew texts with French and English.

Her recordings are all sung in Hebrew since the melodies cannot be adapted to English. Booklets in Latinized Hebrew and English are provided with each tape. Several articles and a videotape lecture, as well as an album, “Music of Ancient Greece,” are also availabl...

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