News And Notes -- By: Anonymous

Journal: Bible and Spade (Second Run)
Volume: BSPADE 05:2 (Spring 1992)
Article: News And Notes
Author: Anonymous

News And Notes

(David Instone Brewer, Mene Mene Teqel Uparsin: Daniel 5:25 in Cuneiform, Tyndale Bulletin 42.2 [1991]: 310-16.)

Decision To Be Born

The work of Cornell University pregnancy researchers Peter Nathanielsz and Thomas McDonald have shown that the decision as to when to be born is that of the fetus, not the mother. Based on research on lambs, these men found that,

the pituitary gland in the fetal brain releases a hormone that stimulates the adrenal gland to release another hormone that migrates out of the fetus and into the placenta. There the adrenal hormone, cortisol, triggers the conversion of progesterone to estrogen.

Absence of progesterone and the presence of estrogen causes contractions which lead to birth of the lamb.

Nathanielsz and McDonald have found that a hormone released by a peasized patch of neurons in the hypothalamus of the fetal lamb’s brain triggers this domino effect. Nathanielsz’ conclusion when asked if a similar system might be true for the birth of humans stated:

I’m very much of the opinion that in humans and other primates it is still the fetus that is giving the signal that determines the duration of pregnancy. It’s just too beautiful biology for evolution to throw away.

In view of this complex chain operation which requires every part to be in proper functioning order, it would seem more appropriate to say, “It’s just too beautiful biology for me not to give God the glory for His creative hand and design!”

The Psalmist said,

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well (Ps 139:14).

And Paul wrote to the believers at Rome,

For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse (Ro 1:20).

(Discover, May 1992, pp. 10-11)

Stone Hats

Evolutionary teaching would have us believe that the world is billions of years old and that fossil-bearing rock layers took millions of years to form. In reality, plants or animals can only be fossilized or turned to stone (petrified) if they were buried quickly before being scavenged or before rotting. If there is evidence for rapid formation of fossils, it is logical to assume that the rock layers in which those fossils are found also formed rapidly. In Creation Ex Nihilo 8/3(1986), pp. 10-11, ...

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