From The Mail Bag. . . -- By: Anonymous

Journal: Bible and Spade (Second Run)
Volume: BSPADE 06:1 (Winter 1993)
Article: From The Mail Bag. . .
Author: Anonymous

From The Mail Bag. . .

[Ed. Can our readers furnish any help regarding the following letter and request?]

Do you have any information on DUSO or PUMSY programs? (Duso is a dolphin and Pumsy is a female dragon; found this Bible verse about dragons - Revelation 12:9). Our school district teaches this “counseling curriculum” to our kids. I have opted my child to be out of the school classroom while it is being taught. They, the school district, says that it doesn’t teach all that is written in the program but it does have “guided fantasies” which sounds a lot like hypnosis or meditation. Who’s to say someone won’t teach the guided fantasy part somewhere along the line. I’m training my child for Christian witness and what I’ve learned so far about DUSO and PUMSY programs, they don’t figure in that training.

I hope you might have some information on this value clarification stuff or know where I might write to find out more. I’m writing Christian organizations for more information.

D. R., DeSoto KS

I was blessed to hear how the Lord heard your prayer about the Carbon-14 testing of the grain excavated at Jericho. What a wonderful God we have!

I was also convicted that although I became a member some months ago I had not sent any help to you since. Enclosed is my check for $10.00 which I hope to send monthly.

M. V., Croton NY

Thanks so much for bringing to light evidence that shouts that the Bible IS trustworthy. I know I speak for many when I say it helps build my faith.

I also enjoy using it as a witnessing tool with “intellectuals” who otherwise would not want to hear about our faith.

F. B., Doylestown PA

Here is my membership dues for the new year. I always love getting the newsletter and A&BR magazine. Please keep up your fine work. As usual, I pray for all prayer requests in your newsletter, plus for your good health. God bless each of you richly.

S.D., Lake Success NY

Bless you in the name of our Lord. Just a year or so ago I was teaching the boys in my Cub Scout Pack that fossils we were finding along the Chesapeake Bay were 13,000,000 years old. Now I know better!! Please send me any information you have available that I could share with these children to undo the harm I have done. Thank you with all my heart.

W.G., La Plata MD

Thank you for your part in the two-hour special, “Ancient Secrets of the Bible.” I did not get to watch it when it aired, but a lady in our church taped it. She in turn shared it with me. After viewing it I told our youth minister about it, and he...

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