Evidences of Creation -- By: Austin Robbins

Journal: Bible and Spade (Second Run)
Volume: BSPADE 12:2 (Spring 1999)
Article: Evidences of Creation
Author: Austin Robbins

Evidences of Creation

Austin Robbins

View of the rising Earth as seen by the crew of Apollo 8 as they came from behind the moon after the lunar orbit insertion burn.

The charge is frequently leveled at creationists that, while they may be good at tearing down evolutionary theory, they are weak in presenting their own theory of creation. Most high school and college teachers, if they deal with the subject of creation at all, do so under the dictum that “creation is religion; evolution is science.” In fact, my grandson’s ninth grade world history teacher asked his class, “What is the only evidence for creation?” The only answer he would accept was “the Bible.”

God said it!

To most Christians that answer is sufficient. “God said it, I believe it, that settles it!” While a commendable attitude toward Scripture, that statement lends credence to the popular view that Christians generally are ignorant of science. God, however, invites us to “come, let us reason together” and commands us to “be ready always to give an answer to anyone that asketh you a reason” (Is 1:18; 1 Pt 3:15). We must be prepared to answer the criticism that creation rests solely on Scripture, and, therefore by implication is not “scientific.”

That both creation and evolution are metaphysical concepts, not science, is not generally admitted by evolutionists. Yet such is the case. Leading thinkers in evolutionary theory have on occasion voiced that conclusion. Dr. Niles Eldredge, Curator of Invertebrate Paleontology at the American Museum of Natural History, stated that he viewed both theories as antithetical “sets of assumptions” in the sense that he did not “see one set as falsifiable in favor of the other” (see Sunderland 1984:23). Dr. Colin Patterson (1978:145-47), Senior Paleontologist at the British Museum of Natural History, said of Darwin’s theory:

the first part of the theory, that evolution has occurred, is therefore a historical theory, about unique events, and unique events are, by definition, not part of science, for they are unrepeatable and so not subject to test.

Patterson said he liked a quote from R. L. Wyson’s book The Creation/Evolution Controversy:

The more one studies paleontology, the more certain one becomes that evolution is based on faith alone; exactly the same kind of faith which is necessary to have when one encounters the great mysteries of religion (see Sunderland 1984:27).


Scientific evidence for creation is abundant in the world in which we ...

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