Beneath the Surface An Editorial Comment -- By: Gary A. Byers

Journal: Bible and Spade (Second Run)
Volume: BSPADE 14:3 (Summer 2001)
Article: Beneath the Surface An Editorial Comment
Author: Gary A. Byers

Beneath the Surface
An Editorial Comment

Gary A. Byers

It has long been accepted by scholars that the archaeology of Jericho does not fit the Biblical story. Yet research by Dr. Bryant Wood has demonstrated the accurate correlation of text and archaeology.

Standing Against the Tide

After a century of excavations trying to prove the ancient accounts true, archaeologists say there is no conclusive evidence that the Israelites were ever in Egypt, were ever enslaved, ever wandered in the Sinai wilderness for 40 years or ever conquered the land of Canaan under Joshua’s leadership.

Thus wrote Teresa Watanabe1 , Los Angeles Times Religion writer, about the Exodus. This washer understanding of the evidence after interviewing a number of prominent archaeologists. Yet, after finishing her article, she was given the name of Associates for Biblical Research director. Dr. Bryant Wood and subsequently interviewed him. As he began outlining evidence supporting the Biblical account of the Exodus and Conquest, Ms. Watanabe was amazed. “Why isn’t this information available to the media?” she asked. Now that’s a very good question!

Dr. Wood pointed out that he was simply one member of the “silent majority” upholding the truth of Scripture. “But we are considered religious fanatics, out to prove the Bible with no scholarly basis for our claims,” he added. While Ms. Watanabe did add a few of Dr. Wood’s comments offering another viewpoint to her article, his thoughts clearly went against the tide of popular scholarly opinion.

As readers of Bible and Spade know, there is a historical basis for our faith. Archaeological research demonstrates the historical facts of Scripture again and again. In fact while the scholars who receive the most media exposure see less and less evidence for Biblical historicity, a truly honest appraisal of the facts demonstrates the Bible is historically reliable.

Here at the Associates for Biblical Research, we are pleased that Dr. Wood and other staff members are often quoted in the mainstream media. Yet, there are many competent scholars in that “silent majority” who stand against the tide with us. We know the evidence is out there, and it is important that we speak out now. While ABR is specifically organized for the purpose of demonstrating the Biblical historicity through archaeological research, there are plenty of other capable voices who can speak out on any number of current issues touching Biblical reliability.

Though the mainstream media usually does not seek out scholars in the “si...

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