Sifters Profiles -- By: Anonymous

Journal: Bible and Spade (Second Run)
Volume: BSPADE 22:1 (Winter 2009)
Article: Sifters Profiles
Author: Anonymous

Sifters Profiles

Scott Astbury taught English in Korea. He commented: “Learning about the Temple Mount history by sifting through its ancient remains was fascinating. Uncovering Roman nails, Byzantine glass, and pottery shards from all eras was a great way to learn about the many peoples and cultures that have controlled this important region.”

Mike Caba is a real estate appraiser and college teacher from Oregon. He found a jar handle with a thumbprint on it. He observed that “the piece of pottery we found may be significant due to the thumb notch in the handle. The archaeologist on site had not seen one like it before.”

Kathryn Crutcher A humanities major at Columbia International University, Kathryn found a Roman nail and five coins. Kathryn reminisced, “The Temple Mount Sifting Project and tour was a stupendous experience that made the history and geography of Israel come alive. I loved being able to actually hold history—the fi ve coins I found—in my hands. The last coin, last day, last bucket, with its particular clarity was especially memorable.”

Jennifer Dion resides in California and is an Outreach employee. She commented, “What touched me the most about this trip was being able to live in Old Jerusalem for the whole two weeks. We were able to work alongside the residents and even feel a little at home in the nation of Israel. Come back from the last day trip, I remembered looking up at the Jaffa Gate and thinking, “We’re almost home...”!

Carolyn Dunaway is a retired librarian from Virginia. She stated, “This trip was fantastic! Not only was I able to participate in an archaeological project, but I learned so much about the history of Jerusalem, correcting the misinformation I had received from a previous trip.”

Greg Gulbrandsen is a documentary producer, photographer and writer living in Oregon. He found a jar handle with a thumbprint on it.

Stephanie Hernandez is an archaeologist from California. She was the hostess for the ABR group at the Temple Mount Sifting Project. She found a coin, an Ottoman weight and a Roman glass ring. She reflected that, “The Temple Mount Sifting Project experience allowed me to develop a firmer grasp on the importance ...

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