We Hear You! -- By: Editor

Journal: Bible and Spade (Second Run)
Volume: BSPADE 23:3 (Summer 2010)
Article: We Hear You!
Author: Editor

We Hear You!


A Comment On Our Recent Article, Digging Into The Documents And The Attempted Hijacking Of Paradise

I cannot argue with the article by Paul Ferguson on the Documentary Hypothesis and the creation accounts (Vol 23 #1). However, there is another completely different view of the Genesis creation accounts, which he completely missed. The book, “The Flat Earth & Genesis,” explores how God gave Moses these accounts—both true—both different—for a definite purpose.

Pastor Gerry Burney

Ukiah, California

Skepticism And The Value Of Evidence

Some old History Teacher at my high school in Broken Hill NSW (Australia) told me that Christopher Columbus discovered America. He said this was corroborated in history books. I don’t hear anyone arguing about the truthfulness of that event even though there are no actual photographs or movies of him doing so…nothing other than old documents (scrolls?) and sketches.

Yet some of us seem to have a devil of a time believing the information written in the best-selling book in the entire world, the Holy Bible. Someone wrote somewhere “The fabric of a person’s faith in their religion is like a prize-winning rose. Enjoy its perfection and colors and perfume. Pick it to pieces while looking for faults and all you will have is an ugly mess.”

Ian H.


The Ark On Ararat And The Observations Of George Hagopian

What if the wooden structure Hagopian saw on Mt. Ararat was a replica of the ark, placed by Armenian Christians in the early Middle-Ages, in honor of Noah? Do not forget that in 300 AD Armenia became a Christian nation. The Ark-tradition could well have sprung in that time. So it is possible Christians or Catholics build a monument to commemorate Noah. It is possible the ark landed on Cudi, and Hagopian is still not a liar!



Response from ABR Staff member, Rick Lanser:

Hi Tjarko,

Thank you for your comments! A problem I see with this idea is that if we accept Hagopian’s story as true, we also need to accept his statements about how the wood was really hard, virtually petrified, so that bullets bounced off. It was not wood that could have been cut on-site or nearby, if it had only been built sometime after 300 AD, and could not have been built as a full-scale model. Such an undertaking would probably have been recorded in the Armenian records, and there is no such record. And practically speaking, since it was reached by a hard climb to a very high elevation, if it was a memorial, ...

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