Beneath The Surface, An Editorial Comment: Time To Get Serious -- By: Henry B. Smith, Jr.

Journal: Bible and Spade (Second Run)
Volume: BSPADE 24:4 (Fall 2011)
Article: Beneath The Surface, An Editorial Comment: Time To Get Serious
Author: Henry B. Smith, Jr.

Beneath The Surface, An Editorial Comment: Time To Get Serious

Henry B. Smith, Jr.

Several months ago, I wrote an article on the ABR website entitled “Failed Resuscitations”.1 This article was designed, in part, to discuss the serious problem within the church of accommodating the culture by altering or “updating” the timeless theological and redemptive-historical truths found in the pages of the infallible Word of God. I encourage the reader to visit the ABR website and check it out. This brief editorial serves as an affirmation and extension of that more broadly reaching article. Our Christian friends at Creation Ministries International have graciously permitted us to reproduce an important analysis of a recent Pew survey that illuminates the need for a radical reorientation of priorities and strategy within western Christendom. The alarming statistics show, once again, a woeful lack of knowledge concerning the Christian faith within the Church. This piece serves yet as another alarm bell for those of us entrusted with the precious gift of the Gospel of the Son of God. We encourage you to point out these troubling facts to your pastoral leadership and challenge them, with love and proper posture, to seriously rethink ministry strategies that are not rooted in biblical revelation.

ABR associate Tania Fenwick outlines the importance of the King James Bible during its 400th anniversary year, and touches upon some basic, but important, principles of New Testament textual criticism. Despite some flaws, due mainly to the discovery of thousands of additional manuscripts since the 17th century, the KJV still edifies the body of Christ and communicates the very Word of God to the church. The King James Bible has made enormous contributions to western civilization and the church at large over the last four centuries.

Philosopher and theologian Dr. Greg Bahnsen extensively articulated and proclaimed the implications of Christ’s lordship as creator and redeemer during his years of ministry. In this issue, Bahnsen deals with the erroneous notion that the secular scientist, given his non-Christian premises, has any rational basis to conduct his work. The triune God as revealed in the Bible is the only rational and philosophical basis for any and all human activity. All science, properly conceived, ought to be done in subordination to God’s revelation, or it is just another form of rebellion against God’s authority. This has implications for all scientific enterprises, including archaeology. You will find Dr. Bahnsen’s article insightful. Hopefully, it will challenge the reader to submit all human activity to the Lordship of Jesus.

Dr. Eugene Merrill has sacrificially served the ABR ministry as a supervisor in our Search for Joshua’s Ai at Khirbe...

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