We Hear You -- By: Anonymous

Journal: Bible and Spade (Second Run)
Volume: BSPADE 26:4 (Fall 2013)
Article: We Hear You
Author: Anonymous

We Hear You

Comments From Facebook

“Wow. God bless you abundantly in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I’m a Master of Arts student in Anthropology and until today I had never heard of your ministry.”

- Jacqueline

Concerning ABR’s New Roundtable Discussions On DVD:

“How pleasant it is to know that God has in this generation scholars who know Jesus, love Him and are willing to use their knowledge to enable others to know Him much better.”

- Bohyeba Asempatsease

“The Roundtable DVD looks great! We NEED our Bibles. Without the Word of God we cannot have a basis for our faith. Everyone has faith, but on whom and on what is OUR faith based? How can we know it is not misplaced? We can know where our faith can be validly placed only through the careful study of the Bible.”

- Rebecca

Comments And Questions From The ABR Website

“Hello ABR team! I first want to say thank you for all the work you have done. I like to read your articles on research, archaeology, and the Bible and I really like how you all strive to show how archaeology illuminates the Bible, especially since we live in a world of skepticism.”

- Matthew

“For the love of the Trinity, you all are doing a GREAT job! I hope to be there in Israel w/ you all in 2014 helping you all show the world the Bible is not only REAL but that it is the TRUTH. I am here in the northeastern USA using your YOUTUBE video’s along w/ your website to show the ‘evolutionists’ here that God made this planet so perfectly & human beings do not come from any ‘apes’. That missing link is so huge. NASA’s not even close to finding other worlds or planets anything close to earth, no matter what telescopes they send up into space. So I back you all 1,000%! Hope to meet you all in Israel soon! God Bless always.”

- Dave

A Question About The Mesha Stone

“I want to know if Dr. Bryant G. Wood knows for fairly certain that the Mesha Stone does not say “House of Daodoh” vs. the preferred translation of “House of David”? Is there a 2013 update on the true rendering?”

- Pam

Dr. Wood Responds:

“Two experts, André Lemaire, of the Institute of Semitic Studies of the College de France, and Émile Puech, Director of Research at the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, independently restored and translated bt[d]wd in the Mesha Stela as “House of David.” See André Lemaire, “House of David” Restored in Moabite Inscription, Biblical Archaeology Review 20.3 (1994): 30-37, and Émile Puech, La...

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