A Study Of Daniel’s Prayer Life In The Book Of Daniel -- By: Roger L. Peterson

Journal: Central Bible Quarterly
Volume: CENQ 21:1 (Spring 1978)
Article: A Study Of Daniel’s Prayer Life In The Book Of Daniel
Author: Roger L. Peterson

A Study Of Daniel’s Prayer Life In The Book Of Daniel

(Daniel 2:17–23; 6:10; 9:3–19; 10:2, 3, 12, 13)

Roger L. Peterson

Central Baptist Theological Seminary Minneapolis, Minnesota


The study of Daniel’s prayer life will thrill the heart of any Christian who desires God’s best for his life. It will allow him to throw open the windows toward heaven and realize for himself the excitement of a powerful and personal prayer life with God. It will teach him the price of prayer and at the same time hold before him the prize of prayer. Daniel’s prayer life was disciplined, yet dynamic. It was regular, yet real. It was humble, yet highly esteemed. It was tried, yet triumphant.

Times Of Prayer

There are four times in the book of Daniel in which Daniel was found praying. The first time was in Chapter two at the beginning of his career as a teenager when King Nebuchadnessar had the dream of the great image, and when he demanded that the wise men in his court tell him what he had dreamed and what the dream meant. This demand caused Daniel and his three friends to join together in prayer in order to seek the answer from God for this difficult assignment (2:17, 18). God showed the King’s dream and its interpretation to Daniel that night in a vision. This answer led him to praise God with a full heart of worship. This prayer of praise is recorded in 2:19–23. This incident shows “the value of united prayer.”1

The second record of Daniel’s prayer life is found in 6:10, when he was threatened to be thrown into the lion’s den for praying to God. This prayer and the next two happened near the end of Daniel’s life when he was more than eighty years of

age. The regularity of Daniel’s prayer life was so constant that all who knew Daniel also knew that he faithfully prayed three times a day, Therefore, his enemies chose it to be the focal point of their attack against him. However, their attack was foiled when God shut the lions’ mouths. This account shows ‘‘the value of private prayer.” You must have a subscription and be logged in to read the entire article.
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