Editorial -- By: Denny Burk

Journal: Journal for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood
Volume: JBMW 13:1 (Spring 2008)
Article: Editorial
Author: Denny Burk


Denny Burk*

*Editor, The Journal for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood
Assistant Professor of New Testament,
Criswell College,
Dallas, Texas

This is a new day for The Journal for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood (JBMW). Not only does it mark the beginning of my tenure as editor, but it also marks a significant departure in the form of the journal. The new format reflects CBMW’s concern that the noble biblical vision of sexual complementarity may win the mind and heart of Christ’s church. We aim to provide a forum for complementarians to publish both scholarly and popular materials representing this view. We also hope to encourage the considered and sensitive application of this biblical view in all spheres of life.

To that end, JBMW intends not only to address technical issues of exegesis, history, and theology, but also to explore how the Bible’s total message of manhood and womanhood should intersect the lives of Christ’s followers. This new format should engage not only the technicians of the scholarly guild, but also the church more broadly. In other words, the new format reflects our effort to address a broad range of issues and people with content that promotes the complementarian perspective on gender roles.

So beginning with the issue that you are now reading, JBMW will include five regular sections:

Section 1: “Standard Fare” – This section will contain items that appear in every issue of JBMW: the editorial, letters from readers, and “odds & ends” from recent developments in the world of Christianity and from the culture that affect the editorial concerns of JBMW. We are pleased to begin our new “letters” section because of the forum it will open up with our readers. Not only do we welcome feedback from those who agree with the theological position of the journal, we also welcome direct engagement with non-complementarians. When non-complementarian works are cited or reviewed in JBMW, we hope to use the “letters” section as a forum for feedback and rejoinders. In the current issue, Kevin Giles contributes an extended response to a review of his book that appeared in a previous issue of JBMW. Chris Cowan follows with a brief response for the editors.

Section 2: “Essays & Perspectives” – This section will include short essays from writers who can effectively communicate the complementarian perspective and relate it to relevant areas of life and culture. The topics covered in this section will be as wide and varied as are the theological and practical implications of the complementarian view. The

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