Introduction to the Current Issue -- By: Owen H. Alderfer

Journal: Ashland Theological Journal
Volume: ATJ 02:0 (NA 1969)
Article: Introduction to the Current Issue
Author: Owen H. Alderfer

Introduction to the Current Issue

Owen H. Alderfer

The current issue of the Ashland Theological Bulletin is devoted primarily to consideration of the nature of the church. Brethrenism and the Brethren Church receive special attention in this number.

The focal article is “The Genius of Brethrenism” by Dr. Albert T. Ronk. The statements which immediately follow are in response to Dr. Ronk’s views. They reflect a variety of thought including appreciation, reaction, and difference in an effort to clarify and apply the genius of Brethrenism to various aspects of ministry to the contemporary world. It is hoped that these presentations will bring thoughtful comment from people who are wrestling with the issues involved.

The concern for the nature of the church is developed from a broader perspective in a consideration of four approaches which might be called “classic views of the church.”

Owen H. Alderfer, editor

Contributors To This Issue

Owen H. Alderfer is Professor of Church History at A. T. S.

Richard E. Allison, an alumnus of A. T. S., serves as pastor of the Jefferson Brethren Church, Goshen, Indiana.

Frederick T. Burkey serves the Brethren Church as Director of Christian Education. He is an alumnus of A. T. S. and of the School of Religious Education at The Southern Baptist Seminary at Louisville, Kentucky.

Albert T. Ronk is Brethren Church Historian and Archivist. He has recently published The History of the Brethren Church.

Joseph R. Shultz is Dean of Ashland Theological Seminary and Professor of Christian Education at the Seminary.

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