Theses (1980–1981) -- By: Anonymous

Journal: Ashland Theological Journal
Volume: ATJ 14:0 (NA 1981)
Article: Theses (1980–1981)
Author: Anonymous

Theses (1980–1981)

We are extremely proud of our students and the research that they pursue. We have asked them to share a short summary of their completed theses at ATS in the hope that others may be made aware of these sources. The theses are bound and in the ATS Library. Those graduates that responded are listed below.

Rick K. Fisk, A Model for a Seminar Approach to Christian Education

Most of our churches are lacking in the task of Christian Education, when we use the term in its broadest sense. Through this project, I have started to develop a model that will help us in the areas of foundational materials, organization and methods. As examples, I covered the areas of Sunday School, elders, deacons, trustees, and music committees, using two different churches for material sources.

The models start with a questionnaire which is completed in an interview session. The gathered material is then analyzed and from the analysis of need, teaching sessions are developed. The entire program deals in areas and with methods that most pastors do not have time or resources to be able to administer themselves. The model will eventually be expanded to cover every conceivable area of church life and be presented by myself to individual churches in the form of seminars in Christian Education.

David E. Miller, Ministry to Homosexuals

As homosexuality has become a more significant issue in society, so it has become an important concern for the church. The church has addressed itself effectively to the doctrinal issues relating to homosexuality, but has been weak in ministering to homosexuals in society and in the church. Ministry to homosexuals must be established upon biblical principles. Proclaiming the gospel of Christ, the church must call the homosexual to repentance, reconciliation with God, and renewal of the whole person. Ministry to homosexuals should include the attitude of redemptive concern, the declaration of the redemptive word of the Gospel, and the provision of redemptive support for the repentant homosexual.

David C. Pinson, Foundations In Prayer: The Vitality and Effective Importance of Prayer on Liturgy, Doctrine, and Devotion In The Pre-Nicene Church, With Ramifications For This Present Age.

The necessity of prayer is an often neglected emphasis within our present day Churches. This was not so of those who made up the Christian Church in its first centuries. From information gleaned from outside sources, and from evidence demonstrated within prominent material from this period (Up to 325 A.D.), prayer was not only necessary, but essential to the Christian maturation and development. Leaders such as Justin Martyr, Tertullian, and Cyprian, but to name a...

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