Introduction To The Current Issue -- By: Anonymous

Journal: Ashland Theological Journal
Volume: ATJ 17:0 (NA 1984)
Article: Introduction To The Current Issue
Author: Anonymous

Introduction To The Current Issue

In this 1984 issue, our contributors discuss a variety of issues that face the ministry today. Dr. Jerry R. Flora, Professor of New Testament and Theology, provides a historical overview of the contribution of women in the ministry of the Brethren Church. In “Ninety Years of Brethren Women in Ministry,” Dr. Flora attempts to describe as accurately as possible the activities of Brethren women recognized as ministers from 1894 to 1984. He suggests some possible answers that account for the decline of women in the formal ministry of the Brethren Church today. Reaching farther back into the past in order to clearly interpret God’s purpose for women in ministry in the present, Dr. Ben Witherington, III, Assistant Professor of Biblical and Wesleyan Studies, in “Women in the Ministry of Jesus,” seeks to strike a balance between Jesus as a “traditionalist” and Jesus as a “feminist.” Based upon his recent book, Women in the Ministry of Jesus (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1984), Professor Witherington is particularly concerned that an accurate portrayal of the place of women in the Christian community be provided so that the Spirit is not quenched as he works in the lives of the women of God.

Our third article is by Dr. William H. Myers, Assistant Professor of Urban Ministries at Ashland Theological Seminary. Professor Myers provides an honest and earnest evaluation of theological education as it relates to the black community. In “Two Seminaries or One: A Plea for a Black-White Dialogue on Theological Education,” Professor Myers is concerned about the failure of the theological academic community to enter into sincere black-white dialogue on this subject. This failure results in divisive and inadequate solutions to one of the most challenging problems that faces the ministry today.

Our sermonic piece is provided by Professor Mary Ellen Drushal, Assistant Professor of Christian Education. In “Steeple Sitters,” she challenges the Christian to overcome the visual distortion that marrs a vibrant ministry and to follow the total teaching of Scripture as it relates to loving one’s neighbor.

We at Ashland Theological Seminary are pleased that Professors Drushal, Myers and Witherington (relative newcomers to the ATS faculty) have joined us in providing a broad theological education for our diverse student body. I am particularly pleased that Dr. Myers and Dr. Witherington are now members of the editorial committee of the Ashland Theological Journal.

—David A. Rausch, Editor

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