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Journal: Ashland Theological Journal
Volume: ATJ 20:0 (NA 1988)
Article: Book Reviews
Author: Anonymous

Book Reviews

Richard E. Whitaker, compiler, The Eerdmans Analytical Concordance to the Revised Standard Version of the Bible, Grand Rapids: William B. Eerdmans 1548 pp., 1988, $49.95

This is an important book. For generations students of the Bible have been using Young and Strong for their word-study concordance work. While these are still valuable tools, the fact that most readers of Scripture don’t use the King James version upon which they are based has led to extra work and aggravation. Now we have available a concordance based on the Revised Standard Version (RSV), probably the version of choice for most of today’s readers, which will rival if not surpass Young and Strong in usefulness.

Each entry in the work, arranged in alphabetical order, starts with the heading word in dictionary form, that is as the infinitive for verbs and the singular noun form. This is then followed by a numbered list of all of the foreign words in Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek and Latin (the latter since the RSV apocryphal books are also included) which are translated in the RSV by the heading word or a form of it. Then follows a listing of all occurrences of the heading word, plus a few words of context, in whichever grammatical form they are found in canonical order, except for the apocrypha, which is placed after the New Testament entries. Each of these is followed by a number corresponding to the numbered foreign word translated in the relevant passage. At times heading phrases are used if one original word is translated by a phrase in the RSV, or if several original words were used which do not correspond exactly to words in the English translation.

Following the main section of the work there are separate listings of proper names and numbers, as well as indices of Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek and Latin words with a list of English equivalents used for each in the RSV.

The type of the volume, though small, is legible, and the large format of the book allows three vertical columns of material on each page, so wasted space is at a minimum and the layout is clear and visually attractive. The production of the volume was a mammoth undertaking even with the use of the latest computer technology (which should insure a high degree of accuracy), so the price, while high, is not exorbitant, though it is unfortunately higher than some editions of Young and Strong. The volume should appear in all church libraries and will surely

find its place in the study of many pastors and students when they experience its great usefulness. Our sincere thanks go to all involved in the production of this monumental work, and especially to the publishers who underwrote the project.

— Dr. David ...

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