Bible Computer Resources -- By: David W. Baker

Journal: Ashland Theological Journal
Volume: ATJ 28:0 (NA 1996)
Article: Bible Computer Resources
Author: David W. Baker

Bible Computer Resources

David W. Baker

Student and pastor have available at their keyboard computer resources for learning, ministry preparation and just plain enjoyment in a way unparalleled heretofore. While some of them come on 3.5” disk, many of the larger products are only available on CD-ROM. Since almost all new computers today include CD-ROM readers, and prices for add-on units for machines without one are dropping daily, access to these tools is increasing constantly. This article will review several products which have recently appeared.1 The machine upon which they were tested is an IBM-compatible Gateway 2000 P5-75 with an 800-megabyte hard drive, 4 MB of RAM, and a 4X IDE CD-ROM. All of the programs mentioned here run under Windows 3.1 (used here) and Windows 95 and, while they can be downloaded onto a (large) hard-disk, are here run off the CD-ROM. Since a number of the resources are shared between two or more of the programs discussed, those which seem to be unique among those reviewed here will be marked *.

Bible Works for Windows Release 3.5.0262

Bible Works for Windows (henceforth BWW) is helpful for any reader of Scripture, but its advanced features and foreign language Bible texts make it especially valuable for the serious scholar. BWW comes on one CD-ROM disk, and runs with Windows 3.1, Windows 95 and Windows NT. Installation instructions are standard and easy to follow, with directions printed on the CD itself for Windows 95 installation, and in the Manual for Windows 3.1. Basic installation of the program took me about three minutes. Instructions are also available on how to download some of the more frequently used material to the hard-drive for speedier access. It is a simple procedure which only takes a few minutes, though up to 400 MB of space is needed if all the files are so copied. One can also open Microsoft Word for Windows to install an add-on feature for typing Hebrew in that program which allows right-to-left typing.

The program takes about fifteen seconds to boot up when accessed through the Windows Program Manager. The first screen shows registration information, and then starts to slowly scroll through copyright data for the various pieces included in the program In my copy, this scrolling resulted in progressively increasing screen interference, making it more and more difficult to read. This would probably not be noticed by most, since this kind of information is not top reading priority. Clicking on any key closes this first screen.


At this stage in development, BWW is most interested in Bibles and

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