Editorial Preface -- By: David W. Baker

Journal: Ashland Theological Journal
Volume: ATJ 41:0 (NA 2009)
Article: Editorial Preface
Author: David W. Baker

Editorial Preface

David W. Baker

The Church, the assembly of the redeemed, needs a good memory. First, it must keep in mind its own history, those things which necessitated redemption in the first place, as well as the powerful and magnificent grace of God which brought about that redemption. It also needs to keep constantly in mind those who have not yet experienced God’s redemption, or those who have, but are yet to enjoy a fuller measure of its freedom and blessing.

An institution like Ashland Theological Seminary also needs to remember. A very pleasant memory is its faculty, past and present, who have contributed so much to making Ashland what it is. One we would like to honor with this issue is Dr. O. Kenneth Walther, whose address to the graduating class of 2009 marked his retirement after thirty-two years of service to Ashland (the second longest period of service to the Seminary of any faculty member in its history), both as Professor of Greek and New Testament and as Dean. Since 1977 he has taught in the areas of New Testament, languages, archaeology, and hermeneutics, as well as serving as curator of the Flora Archaeological collection. His wife, Linda, has also served the Seminary as an adjunct instructor in Latin and German. It is to our esteemed and beloved colleagues, Ken and Linda Walther, whom we dedicate this issue of the Journal.

This journal issue also reminds us of areas in which God’s kingdom is still being worked out. One of these areas was highlighted at a recent missions conference at the Seminary: the horrific subject of human trafficking, in which trade the United States plays a significant role. Chapel addresses in conjunction with the conference were given by Ashland faculty John Byron, Wyndy Corbin—Reuschling, and Dan Hawk. These are presented here, as is a separate, related paper on sex trafficking by another faculty member, Mitzi Smith.

We also welcome contributions from other colleagues, alumni, and friends of ATS in areas of exegesis, theology, historical theology, and leadership, as well as a lengthy review section. Our prayer is that material found here will serve to strengthen God’s people and further his Kingdom.

August 18, 2009

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