Prospectus Of The Bibliotheca Sacra And Theological Review. -- By: Anonymous

Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 001:1 (Feb 1844)
Article: Prospectus Of The Bibliotheca Sacra And Theological Review.
Author: Anonymous

Prospectus Of The Bibliotheca Sacra And Theological Review.

The Bibliotheca Sacra and Theological Review will be published quarterly, on the first day of February, May, August and November, by Allen, Morrill & Wardwell, Andover, and Wiley & Putnam, New York and London. Each volume will contain 800 pages. The terms are four dollars per annum, payable in advance.

The general character of the work may be inferred from the title, from the No. which is now published, and from the three Nos. of the Bibliotheca Sacra. It will embrace the subjects, which are included under Theology in the wider acceptation of that term, namely, Biblical Literature, Doctrinal Theology, and the History of the Church, including that of the principal doctrines of Christianity. Particular prominence will be given to Biblical Literature, in respect to which there is a large and constantly increasing amount of valuable materials. Certain collateral subjects will receive a share of attention, particularly classical philology and mental science. These, as is well known, have ever had an intimate connection with theological literature. Perhaps this connection has never been more important than it is at the present day. With these exceptions, if they can be called such, the publication will be confined to the discussion of the topics included under the general name of theology. The conductors have no intention or wish to interfere with the valuable periodicals which are now devoted to the natural and political sciences, to general literature, or which are designed to meet the wants of the great body of the religious community. The Theological Review has a more limited and specific aim. It will endeavor to consult the needs of theological students and clergymen. With this view, articles will be sought of a permanent value, instead of those which are fitted merely to produce a popular and immediate effect. In some cases, entire treatises will be published in successive numbers of the work. The varieties of type and the facilities for printing possessed by the publishers, will enable the contributor to present his views and illustrations in the most authentic and satisfactory manner. Particular pains will be taken with the typography and external appearance of the work. It is hoped that it may not be without permanent and increasing value, when bound as a volume.


In this connection, it may be stated, that this publication is not begun hastily, or from any momentary impulse. It has been in contemplation for several years, and has been postponed partly on account of the pecuniary embarrassments of the country, and for other reasons which need not be here mentioned. There are many indications in the present state of Christendom whic...

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