Theological Encyclopaedia And Methodology -- By: Edwards A. Park

Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 001:1 (Feb 1844)
Article: Theological Encyclopaedia And Methodology
Author: Edwards A. Park

Theological Encyclopaedia And Methodology

Edwards A. Park

Translated from the unpublished Lectures of Prof. Tholuck of Halle,
by Edwards A. Park.

Translator’s Preface.

The following lectures were delivered at the University of Halle during the winter semester of 1842, 3, and have probably been repeated in substance during the present winter. An extended copy of them was taken by one of the author’s friends, diligently compared with other copies that had been written in preceding years, and was recently forwarded to this country for publication. Prof. Tholuck had previously given his consent to the translator, that these lectures, thus carefully copied and collated, should be published in the English language, although they have never been printed in the German. One object in presenting them to our readers is, to give a comprehensive, and at the same time a particular view of not merely the course, but also the spirit of theological study, as it is pursued in the German Universities. The system there adopted is well known to be in some respects, far more scientific and extensive than that adopted in other lands. Another object is, to remind the reader of the connection which subsists between the several branches of theological science and their auxiliary studies,—a connection which is often forgotten by theologians, and the neglect of which is fraught with evil. A third object is, to suggest the names and the character of various works, which are of prominent importance in theological literature, and with regard to which the opinions of Prof. Tholuck will be thought worthy of deference. For the benefit of such as may wish to procure the volumes, their titles are given in the language in which the books are written, and are also given in English for the satisfaction of those who are not familiar with the German. The Encyclopaedia of Prof. Tholuck

is selected for publication, in preference to similar works published by other theologians, partly because it is more recent than theirs, and therefore its bibliography is extended to a later day; partly because it is more interesting to an evangelical divine, and, if inferior to some Encyclopaedias in respect of rigidly scientific arrangement, it is, perhaps, superior to any yet published in its animating influence upon an evangelical and christian scholar. The lectures are divided into two parts, which, though treated separately in respect of form, have yet so intimate a connection in respect of substance, as to require frequent references from the one to the other. The first part treats of the general principles which lie at the foundation of theological science, the studies preparatory and auxiliary to it, the best modes of discipline in the acquisition ...

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