Contributions To The Climatology Of Palestine -- By: H. A. De Forest

Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 001:1 (Feb 1844)
Article: Contributions To The Climatology Of Palestine
Author: H. A. De Forest

Contributions To The Climatology Of Palestine

H. A. De Forest, M. D.

Missionary at Beirut.

Communicated by E. Robinson, D. D.

During the last year Dr. De Forest transmitted to me a copy of the daily record of meteorological observations made at Beirut and on Mount Lebanon, drawn out in the form of tables; and also the general averages and results, arranged in the like manner. These tables, though highly interesting and important to the scientific explorer of this aspect of nature, would yet hardly be appropriate to a work like the present. The main results, however, are embraced in the following letter, which accompanied the tables. Meantime we may hope, that Dr. De Forest and the other missionaries will persevere in making and recording their observations; which in time cannot fail to possess a high value. E. R.

Beirut, June, 3843.

Dear Sir,—I take the liberty of sending you a copy of the record of observations which I have kept during the last fourteen months at Beirut and at Bhamdun on Mount Lebanon. I send also the record kept at ‘Aithath on Mount Lebanon, during a portion of the winter and spring, by Dr. Van Dyck of our mission.

Beirut lies in Lat. 83° 50’ N. and Long. 55° 30’ E. and is elevated but little above the sea. Bhamdun in Mount Lebanon is about five hours S. E. of Beirut, and is about 4,000 feet above the sea. ‘Aithath is three hours S. S. E. from the city; and has an elevation of near 3,000 feet.

It will be seen from the tables, that during the year ending April 30, 1843, the coldest day at Beirut was March 23d; when the mercury stood at sun-rise 50° Far.; at 2 P. M. 57°; at sun-set 53°; average, 53° .33 Far. The warmest day was Aug. 7th; when the mercury was at sunrise 77°; at 2 P. M. 95°; at sun-set 83°; average 85° F. The difference of the extremes of temperature was 45°.

The average temperature of December was lower at Beirut than that of any other month in the year; it being 60° .13. July had the highest average, viz. 83°. These averages, it will be observed, are not of the entire twenty-four hours; but of the time from sun-rise to sun-set.

The average difference of temperature between Beirut and Bhamdun from July 20th to Oct. 15th, was 12° .01 lower at Bhamdun. In like manner the average difference between Beirut and ‘Aithath during the

months of December, January, March and April, was 7° .11 lower at ‘Aithath.

It will be seen, that during the same year ending April 30, 1843, rain fell at Beirut, more or less, on seven...

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