Theological Encyclopaedia And Methodology -- By: Edwards A. Park

Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 001:2 (May 1844)
Article: Theological Encyclopaedia And Methodology
Author: Edwards A. Park

Theological Encyclopaedia And Methodology

Edwards A. Park

Translated from the unpublished Manuscripts of Prof. Tholuck of Halle, by Edwards A. Park. (Continued from No. I. p. 217.)

15. The Science of Writing History.

This teaches the mode in which historical narratives should be composed, and enables us also to test the merit of works, which detail the history of the church. An excellent volume, rich in religious and moral instruction, is that of George Müller (brother of the historian and Prof, in Schaffhausen), entitled, Letters on the Study of History (Briefe über das Studium der Geschichte). Ulrici’s work on the Characteristics of the ancient historical Writings (Char, der antik. Hist.), Berlin, 1833, is very instructive. This work gives a critical view of all the distinguished historians of Greece and Rome, and scrutinizes the religious character of their productions. Louis Woltmann published at Berlin, in 1810, an acute and malevolent criticism upon Müller, entitled, John Müller as an Historian (als ein Historiker); and in this review are given some very instructive hints on the mode of writing history.

Sciences auxiliary to Practical Theology.

16. Anthropology and Psychology.

The material on which the clergyman is called to operate, is the human mind. The mind is, in this life, dependent on the body; and, in its intimate union with the body, is called the soul. The divine must therefore give attention to Anthropology, which describes the physical phenomena of man, the phenomena of divers ages, temperaments, races, etc. He must also give attention to Psychology, which takes cognizance of those spiritual functions and states that are essentially connected with our physical being and relations. Psychology is often considered in conjunction with Anthropology. Among the treatises on Anthropology, that of Heinroth deserves especial commendation; among the treatises on Psychology, that of Heinroth, and also the History of the Soul (Geschichte der Seele), by Schubert, are the most worthy of

perusal. The numerous writings of Schubert on Natural History, are composed in an excellent religious spirit, as is also his Psychology, and by this means have his works obtained a general circulation. They are, Views of the night-side of Nature, (Ansichten der Natur von ihrer Nachtseite, that is, Explanations of the dark subjects in natural science, as magnetism, for example), The Intent and Signification of Dreams (Symbolik des Traumes), The Primitive World and the Fixed Stars (die Urwelt und die Fixsterne), Two treatises on Natural History, (Natur Geschichte), a larger and a smaller, Text-book of Astronomy (Lehrbuch der Astronomie)...

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