Publications On Ecclesiastical History -- By: Anonymous

Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 001:2 (May 1844)
Article: Publications On Ecclesiastical History
Author: Anonymous

Publications On Ecclesiastical History

Bibliotheca Patrum Ecclesiasticorum Latino-rum Selecta, ad optimorum librorum fidem cdita, curante E. G. Gersdorf. voll. h —10, .12mo. Lipsiae, 1838—1842.

This select library of the Latin fathers is to be reckoned among the best literary projects of the times. The study of the early ecclesiastical writers has been limited to a few scholars, partly in-

deed, from its nature, but scarcely less from the expensiveness and the unattractive form of the editions in common use. The Library before us is designed as well for the ordinary clerical reader, who can command neither the time nor the means requisite for a full course of reading in this branch of sacred literature, as for the ecclesiastical historian and critic, who needs a work of moderate dimensions that may he on his table for cursory reading and easy reference. The volumes are highly attractive in their external appearance. The paper and type and form are precisely what one would desire. But the editor has not confined his attention to external improvement in his publication; he has also taken great pains to give a purer text and a better arrangement of subjects. In a word, the literary execution is not inferior to the mechanical, and both are worthy of the age which has produced them.

Mr. Gersdorf, who holds an honored place among the Leipsic scholars, was formerly employed in the Royal Library at Dresden, but, for several years past, has been librarian of the university of Leipsic. He is well known to the public on both sides of the Atlantic as a man of high literary attainments. As general editor he sustains to the whole work nearly the same relation as that of Jacobs and Host to the Bibliotheca Graeca. The labor of preparation is so distributed, that each of the Latin Fathers is assigned to such an individual as is peculiarly qualified for the task of editing his works.

The first volume, containing the Recognitions of Clement, is edited by Mr. Gersdorf himself. The second and third volumes comprising all of Cyprian’s genuine works, are edited by Mr. Gold-horn, private teacher in the university of Leipsic. The fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh volumes embrace the complete works of Tertullian, and come out under the care of E. F. Leopold, of the Gymnasium of Annaberg, in Saxony. The eighth volume contains the three books de Officiis Ministrorum by Ambrose; and the ninth, the Hexanleron by the same author, both of which are edited by Mr. Gilbert, of the Leipsic University., The tenth and last volume yet published presents to us the first five books of the Institutes of Lactantius, the christian Cicero, whose entire works will be included in the collection. The editor of this volume ...

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