Publications In Sacred Literature -- By: Anonymous

Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 001:2 (May 1844)
Article: Publications In Sacred Literature
Author: Anonymous

Publications In Sacred Literature

Uebersetzung und Auslegung der Psalmen für Geistliche und Laien der Christlichen Kir die. Von Dr. A. Tholuck. Halle, 1843. Translation and Interpretation of the Psalms, for Clergy and Laity of the Christian Church. pp. 574..

It appears from the preface to this work, that professor Tholuck has been in the habit of lecturing on the Psalms as a part of his university-course for more than twenty years; and we know that these lectures are considered by his hearers among the most attractive which he delivers in the department of Old Testament exegesis. On no portion of the Scriptures indeed could his peculiar tastes and talents find ampler scope than in commenting, before a literary audience, on the Psalms. The present volume has grown out of these academic prelections; but being designed for a different class of persons, has retained only such fruits of them as were adapted to the new or at least modified object, with which the author has here written. It has been his aim, not at all to furnish a critical commentary on this part of the Scriptures, but merely a book which clergymen may find it convenient to vise who would re-possess themselves, at a glance as it were, of the results of their previous studies, without renewing the processes of them, and which the mass of uneducated christian readers may also use for purposes of religious instruction and practical benefit. The portion of the work which is likely to prove of the greatest interest to scholars, is the Introduction, on which the author has bestowed evidently his chief attention. It is less statistical and critical than that of de Wette; but supplies an important deficiency under which that labors, in the greater prominence which is given to those important religious and theological inquiries which the study of the Psalms brings up at every step, and on which the serious reader is naturally most anxious for information. The following summary of the topics which the author has here discussed will give an idea of the value of this part of his labors, and illustrate the christian spirit and tendency which pervade the entire work. He treats (1) of the Psalter in the christian church. Under this head he traces its use from the earliest

times to the present, and shows, by the citation of testimonies from Athanasius and Ambrose to our own day, what importance pious men have always attached to these sacred songs. (2) The form, division and use of the Psalter under the Old, Testament dispensation, especially as employed in the temple-service of David. (3) The authors of the Psalms. The first place is here assigned to David, a brief sketch of his history given, and the characteristics of his psalms, compared with those of the othe...

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