Theological Encyclopaedia And Methodology -- By: Edwards A. Park

Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 001:4 (Nov 1844)
Article: Theological Encyclopaedia And Methodology
Author: Edwards A. Park

Theological Encyclopaedia And Methodology

Edwards A. Park

The Object Of Practical Theology And Its Literature

The design of Practical Theology is, to develop the various methods in which the Christian faith and the Christian spirit may be implanted, preserved, and extended in the community. The ultimate use of all theoretical studies is, to facilitate the discharge of practical duties; and therefore it is in the highest degree desirable, to connect with these studies of a theologian some consideration of the active duties of a clergyman.

Works for consultation on Practical Theology are, Strauss’s Tones of the Bells, (Glockentöne); Baxter’s Reformed Pastor, (translated into the German); Hüffel on the Character and Duty of the Evangelical Clergyman, (das Wesen und den Beruf des evangelisch-christlichen Geistlichen); Harms’s Preacher, Priest and Pastor, (der Prediger, Priester und Pastor).—[In addition to the preceding works in this general department, are Niemeyer’s Manual for teachers of the Christian Religion, 2 vols.; GrafFe’s Pastoral Theology, 2 vols.; G. Schlegel’s Manual of the Science of Practical Theology; Kaiser’s Sketch of a system of Pastoral Theology; Danz’s Outlines of the Clerical Sciences, Koster’s Manual of Pastoral Science with especial reference to ministerial prudence. There are also many works of the Catholics in this department; as for example the treatises of Rautenstrauch, Horvath. Lauber, Sailer, Schwartzl, Schenkl, Gallowitz, Powondra, Hinterberger. The principal older works on this subject are from Fresenius, Mieg, Deyling, Roques, Hartmann, Quenstedt, Rabanus Maurus, Augustine, Chrysostom. See Hagenbach’s Theologische Encyclopaedic, § 96. The best English treatises in this department, are, from Baxter, Herbert, Wilkins, Jennings, Burnet, Watts, Doddridge, and others. They are found collected in several volumes of Essays and Tracts; as in Dr. Edward Williams’s Christian Preacher, Dr. John Brown’s Christian Pastor’s

Manual, The Clergyman’s Instructor, The Young Minister’s Companion, Dr. Porter’s Young Preacher’s Manual. More recent works on the subject are Bickersteth’s Christian Student, Bridge’s Christian Ministry, Humphrey’s Letters, Pond’s Lectures.—Tr.]

The Various Departments Of Practical Theology

These are, first, the Catechetical; secondly, the Liturgical; thirdly, the Homiletical; and fourthly, the Pastoral.

First, the Catechetical Department. This explains the mode of teaching the principles of the Christian religion to those who are ignorant of them. It includes, therefore, the method of instructing juvenile candidates for confirmatio...

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