Literary And Miscellaneous Intelligence -- By: B. B. Edwards

Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 003:12 (Nov 1846)
Article: Literary And Miscellaneous Intelligence
Author: B. B. Edwards

Literary And Miscellaneous Intelligence

B. B. Edwards

England and Scotland. A second edition of Elliott’s Horae Apocalypticae has just appeared in four large octavo volumes of two thousand pages. So great is its popularity, that a large part of the edition had been sold at a high price sometime previously to its appearance. The author is a fellow, of Trinity College, Cambridge, and a most decided anti-Tractarian. To such an extent is this feeling carried, that he sees in the rise and spread of Tractarianism, an evident fulfilment of an important part of the Revelation. To the same cause is to be attributed a part of the popularity of the work. Another cause is said to be the attractive and highly poetical quality of the style. It may also be mentioned, that there has been for many years a strong tendency in the evangelical part of the ministry of the establishment, to affix a literal interpretation to the prophetical Scriptures. Premillennial theories and the literal return of the Jews are embraced by many.—Rev. Dr. Wardlaw of Glasgow is preparing a new edition of his work on Baptism, in opposition to the views and practice of those who baptize the children of parents neither of whom is a professor of religion—a practice which is said to be nearly universal among the English Congregationalists.—Rev. John Wilson, D. D., for many years missionary at Bombay, now on a visit at his home in Scotland, has in press a work on Palestine. On his return from the East he spent six months in researches at the Red Sea, Mount Sinai, Petra, Palestine, etc., extending his journies to Baalbec and Aleppo. The work is largely illustrated by drawings. The personal narrative is separated from the scientific researches, the latter forming a separate portion of each chapter or section. Dr. Wilson has collected a large and very valuable museum, as it may be called, of oriental books, MSS., coins, shells, minerals, etc., from Palestine, Arabia, Egypt and India. His Researches will be published in five or six months. Just before he left India he published a volume, entitled, “The Pársi Religion, as contained in the Zánd-Avastá, and propounded and defended by the Zorastrians of India and Persia, unfolded, refuted, and contrasted with Christianity.” The production exhibits multifarious learning, and produced quite a sensation among the population to whom it was addressed. Dr. Wilson is president of the Bombay branch of the Royal Asiatic Society.—The Biblical Cabinet, published for several years by Mr. Thomas Clark of Edinburgh, is now complete in forty-six volumes. The set may be procured for

about forty-five dollars, the original price having been about sixty-five. The works in this series written or translated in the United States, are Stuart...

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