Greek Inscriptions. -- By: Anonymous

Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 006:22 (May 1849)
Article: Greek Inscriptions.
Author: Anonymous

Greek Inscriptions.

[Addressed to one of the Editors.]

Yale College, March 26, 1849.

My Dear Sir:—I send you copies of inscriptions transcribed by Mr. Thomson during the tour, his account of which is contained in the Bib. Sac. for November 1848. The inscriptions are, I regret to say, unimportant in themselves, and in an extremely corrupt state. They ought, however, to be published, as a slight contribution to the epigraphic de-

partment of Greek archaeology. I have added some few corrections or conjectures.

1. Found on the cornice of the sepulchral chamber at Bshindelayeh mentioned under date of Aug. 29th, in the Bib. Sac. Vol. 5. p. 669. The inscription which occurs immediately under the wreath, extends in large letters the entire length of the cornice, and is very plain except where it has been purposely defaced.

The fourth letter ought to be A; and we have here an abbreviation for Τιβέριος Κλαύδιος, which again occurs for the accusatives of the same words. The father’s name was perhaps Σώσανδρος. With the mother’s I can do nothing. The inscription may have run thus: Τι. Κλ. φιλόηλης Τι. Κλ. Σώσανδρον τὸν πατέρα αὐτοῦ τὴν μητέρα τιμῆς καὶ μνήμης χάριν.

2. A few inches beneath this is the following in smaller characters.

I seem here to discern ἔτους ςπρ. Μηνος Δύστρου δ. Σώσανδρε. . . The year 186, if that be the year, belongs to some aera first used in the Roman times. See Ideler’s Handbuch der Chronol. Vol. I. 457–476.

3. On a piece of broken cornice belonging to a ruined church at the village of Kokanîyeh. See Mr. Thomson’s tour, p. 670.

4. On a pedestal of one of the columns is this:

i.e. ̓́Ετους γπτ. Μηνὸς Λῴου? Or Λίου?
5. From the face of a tomb on Jebel Arbayin near Riha. See p. 673.

All following the second cross seems to be in one line, if I understand Mr. Thomson correctly. The da...

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