Miscellanies — Theological And Literary -- By: Anonymous

Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 007:25 (Jan 1850)
Article: Miscellanies — Theological And Literary
Author: Anonymous

Miscellanies — Theological And Literary

Dr. Tholuck’s Exposition of Christ’s Sermon on the Mount, in the English translation, of Menzies, is in the Andover press, and will be published in the beginning of the Spring. It is regarded by the author, we believe, as his most finished work, and is one of the finest specimens we have of a full, learned, and Christian Commentary, eminently instructive for theological as well as biblical students — Rev. Joseph B. Felt of Boston, long known as one of our most indefatigable antiquaries, has in preparation an Ecclesiastical History of New England, in two vols. 8vo. The first vol. is in a state of considerable forwardness. — A Translation of the Church History of Prof. Karl Hase of Jena, by Prof. Blumenthal of Dickinson College, and Rev. C. P. Wing of Carlisle, is in press at Philadelphia. In the original it is an octavo of 615 pp. The first edition was printed in 1834; the fifth and last in 1844. For remarks on the value of this work, see B. S. vol. V. 432. On page 611 of our last vol., we alluded to the publication in London of an English translation of Dr. Nitzsch’s System of Christian Doctrine. We observe in the Eclectic Review, an article from which it appears that the translation is so inadequate and erroneous as to be nearly worthless.

A valuable Memoir of the late Prof. Fiske of Amherst College, together with a selection from his Sermons and other writings, has been published at Amherst, under the editorial charge of Dr. Humphrey, late president of the College. The volume will be welcomed by the numerous pupils of Prof. Fiske and others as a worthy tribute to the memory of a good man, an able preacher, and an accurate and accomplished scholar.

The 2d vol. of Dr. Davidson’s Introduction to the New Testament is published in 8vo. pp. 467, and extends from the Acts to the 2d of Thessalonians inclusive. The remaining vol. will not appear for some time. Tholuck’s Anzeiger, July, 1849, remarks of vol. I.: “It can hardly be doubtful that this Introduction to the Gospels, on account of the new matter which it brings before English readers, will have a large circulation in America, as well as in England and Scotland, and will soon reach a new edition.” — A Work on the Irregular and Defective Verbs of the Greek Language, their Forms, Meaning and Quantity, by Rev. William Veitch, has been published at Edinburgh, 12mo. 316 pp. A classical friend, who has used the work, informs us that it is prepared with skill

and thorough knowledge of the subject. — Dr. L. Schmitz’s 2d ed. of Niebuhr’s Roman Lectures is a very welcome book, and is, in part, a new work. The 1st vol., embracing the period from the beginning of Rome to the first Punic war, is wholly new. It...

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