Extracts From Correspondence -- By: Anonymous

Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 007:28 (Oct 1850)
Article: Extracts From Correspondence
Author: Anonymous

Extracts From Correspondence

1. From a friend in Germany, dated Halle, July 20, 1850:— “The shock occasioned by the outbreak of 1848, and the consequent demand for politics on the public attention, has had a direct effect in withdrawing many from their literary pursuits, and an indirect, in discouraging the publication of works of substantial value. It has happened that some in the progress of publication have been suspended; others altogether withheld for want of publishers who would take the responsibility of the results. Tholuck’s “Anzeiger,” though well sustained for the previous twenty years or more, and though fed to the last from the same richly flowing fountains that had strengthened it in its growth, yet fell, under these destructive influences. Other literary works, of the same scientific character, met with the same fate. In January last was commenced, under the editorship of Professors Neander, Nitzsch, and Müller, a Zeitsehrift, each number consisting of eight pages and appearing weekly. It has already, from its highly popular character and the absence of rival publications, attained a permanent footing. The character of its articles is

practical; that is, they present the results of the most varied and extensive researches, free from the dryness usually attending such endeavors. Already articles of great value have appeared from the able editors as well as other contributors. One article is usually continued through several numbers, and often occupies the whole of each. Tholuck is now contributing a very long one on Inspiration; if he had advanced a little further, I would give you summarily his view upon this subject; but as yet it is impossible.

“A few literary notices I can communicate: Tholuck has in the press a new edition of his commentary on the Hebrews. It will appear in almost a new form. — Rödiger will, in the coming winter, publish the sixteenth edition of Gesenius’s Hebrew Grammar, in which he will introduce many improvements upon the last.— From Prof. Knobel of Giessen has just appeared a work entitled “Ethnographische Untersuchungen über die Völkertafel der Genesis,” contained in the tenth chapter. Prof. K. has undertaken the exposition of the Pentateuch, as a part of the “Condensed Commentary on the Old Testament.” The present publication he has considered as too bulky to find its place in the regular commentary, and therefore has given it in the form of a monography. It is one of the ablest treatises which has been written upon the subject, and, as he says in the preface, “the fruit of many years’ study;” it is contained in 358 pages octavo, price 2 thaler. — “Kritische Untersuchungen über die Evangelien Clementinischen Homilien und Marcionis. Ein Beitrag zur Geschicht...

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