Dr. Jonas King’s Exposition Of An Apostolical Church -- By: Anonymous

Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 008:30 (Apr 1851)
Article: Dr. Jonas King’s Exposition Of An Apostolical Church
Author: Anonymous

Dr. Jonas King’s Exposition Of An Apostolical Church1

This brief but lucid and, to us, satisfactory exposition of an Apostolical Church, is designed for such Greeks as are more or less convinced that the religion of their church is not the religion of the Bible, the source, and the only source, of all true religion. The following summary will give the reader a good idea of its contents.

The true Disciples of Jesus Christ — Their Religious Guide — Nature of the Christian Church — Its Government — Bond of Union — The Pastor — His Support — His Principal Duties — His Titles — His Dress — Equality of Pastors — Deacons — The Lord’s Supper — Nature of the Bread and Wine — Baptism — Sponsors — Mode of Baptism — Church Discipline — Anathemas, Curses, Excommunication — Prayer — Fasts — Divorce — Recreations — The Lord’s Day — Worship of Saints and Angels — Offerings —Pictures and Images—Theatrical Representations of the Sufferings and Death of Christ — Holy Relics — Crosses — Amulets—Prayers for the Dead ‘—The Seven Sacraments— Confession of Faith—Of God — The Fall of Man and his Moral Corruption — The Incarnation of Christ -— Salvation through Him—Faith and Works — Regeneration — Mediation of Christ — The Holy Scriptures — State of the Soul after Death — The Resurrection and Judgment of the Dead — Everlasting Life and Punishment — Canonical Books of the Bible.

It is now more than twenty years since Dr. Jonas King settled as a missionary at Athens, the capital of that small and unhappy portion of Greece, usually known as Greece Independent. Like a servant faithful to his Master, he has labored hard for the spiritual welfare of the people among whom he lives, and his rewards have been, constant disappointment, anathemas, and curses fulminated against him by the heads of the church, insults, persecution, and many other vexations which bigotry, superstition, unprincipledness, envy and malice could devise. A Protestant missionary in Greece is, by the bigoted, hated and shunned as an accursed heretic, the enemy of the Mother of God; by the infidels, that is, by the majority of those who are

more or less educated, he must be prepared to be regarded as a hypocrite or fanatic Protestantism in that country is, by a singular confusion of ideas, confounded with Freemasonry, which, in its turn, is imagined to be systematic atheism. And because the Protestant missionaries who first settled there, were Americans, the term American is now synonymous with Freemason (Φαρμασόνος) or Atheist We should not be surprised, theref...

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