Protestant Christianity Adapted To Be The Religion Of The World -- By: Charles White

Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 009:36 (Oct 1852)
Article: Protestant Christianity Adapted To Be The Religion Of The World
Author: Charles White

Protestant Christianity Adapted To Be The Religion Of The World

Rev. Charles White

There are several systems, assuming to be religious, which have striven long and vigorously for universal ascendency and dominion. Paganism, under numerous and various forms, already asserts supremacy over more than half of mankind. Islamism holds, under an unyielding sway, one hundred and twenty millions of the population of the earth. Papacy, claiming with great effrontery to be the only pure and true religion, is now struggling with vast zeal and unconquerable energy to plant itself over the whole of the habitable World. These schemes of religion are not at all well adapted to the nature and condition of mankind. They are strikingly inefficient, in creating an intelligent faith; in providing for the depressed and poor; in establishing a true and safe freedom; in meeting the great demand for mediation and mercy made by our moral nature; in raising man to the true grandeur of his being; in securing their own universal diffusion. Protestant Christianity seems capable of accomplishing all these grand ends. Well suited is it, therefore, we may safely allege, to be the religion of our race.

I. The first proof of this adaptation may be found in the fact that Christianity presents openly and intelligibly to all men the evidence of its own truth and divinity.

The unlettered and unthinking constitute a large portion of the population of the globe. Neither the Papal, Pagan nor Mohammedan religion has so much as designed or made the least attempt to present to the great masses of ignorance and depression any proofs whatever of its origin and authority, The priests and teachers of all the false systems have assumed arbitrarily to dictate to the faith of the multitude. Claiming to be the sole privileged depositaries and organs of the counsels and communications of superior beings, they have urged peremptorily the unhesitating reception of doctrines and services, on their own bare declaration of antiquity, divinity and authority. Thus under the management of a corrupt and cunning priesthood do these superstitions approach the uninstructed, credulous

multitude with a fore-front of concealment and darkness, and then challenge, on pain of eternal death, an unwavering, implicit assent to a mass of unexamined fables and absurdities. This unconditional submission of religious faith to the craftiness and depravity and tyranny of a fellow-man, humiliates, corrupts, prostrates and crushes most pitiably.

A religion for mankind, for the unlettered as well as for the learned, must bear upon itself visibly, unmistakably the proofs of a supernatural origin and a Divine authority. Christianity, I allege, does this,...

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