Science And The Bible -- By: James D. Dana

Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 013:49 (Jan 1856)
Article: Science And The Bible
Author: James D. Dana

Science And The Bible

James D. Dana

A Review Of “The Six Days Of Creation” Of Prof. Tayler Lewis1

The heavens declare the glory of God, and the firmament showeth his handiwork.” Thus spake the Psalmist in view of the revelation which God had made of himself in his works. With deeper emphasis may we now utter the same ascription of praise; for that revelation, as its records have been unfolded in these later days, has opened more and more glorious thoughts of the Almighty Architect, and appears as unfathomable in its truths, as God himself is infinite. The world in general is satisfied to see this glory as exhibited in form, color, magnitude, and other outside quali-

ties. The external attributes of existences have indeed been graciously made so transcendent in beauty and full of harmonies, that “he may run that readeth.” But there are also revelations below the surface, open to those who will earnestly look for them. For God’s hand was never outstretched to create, but beauty and wisdom appeared in every tracing; and, if seemingly wanting in the outer vestments, they are still profoundly exhibited through the structure beneath, in the ordering of the parts from which the externals are educed, and in the universal laws there contained; these are literally secrets of the Almighty, to be diligently “sought out of all them that have pleasure therein.”

Who are they that are trying to open this book of revelation? ‘Men of Science’ they are sometimes called; ‘Students of Nature’ is their true position. Nearly all the world besides pass the revelation by unheeded, almost as if God were only the God of external nature, a maker of pretty forms, colors, and fragrances on a grand scale. Many even speak contemptuously of him, who, in the study of stones, insects, or worms, busies himself with endeavors to read those records of God’s wisdom. In the style and spirit of the Atheist, they decry his pursuits, and strive to throw opprobrium on all of the sect. They may think better of some, who deal with worlds, and mountains, and large quadrupeds, perhaps; as if material size were a measure of truth with God. They seem not to know that the minutest living being is as much above a universe of dead worlds as life is superior to matter.

This unworthy spirit is mainly due to prejudice and ignorance. They say that science, after all its claims, is no nearer to explaining the ultimate nature of matter or of life, than centuries ago, and at the same time decry its “boasted” laws. And here is a fatal misconception of science. Has metaphysical or sacred Science yet explained the nature of Go...

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