Notices Of New Publications -- By: Anonymous

Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 013:51 (Jul 1856)
Article: Notices Of New Publications
Author: Anonymous

Notices Of New Publications

I. The Roman Exile1

This is a volume of rare interest. We had anticipated its perusal with much pleasure, but we have received more delight and improvement from its pages than, in our partiality for its author, we had ventured to expect. Dr. Gajani was educated at the University of Bologna. He is a gentleman of a clear, active mind, excellent culture, and sound religious principle. His charming simplicity of character shines through his style of writing, and delights those of his readers who have no personal acquaintance with him,

while it absorbs the interest of those who have indulged in the gratification of his society. His affectionate solicitude for the honor of his native land, his warm appreciation of all the good which he finds in this, the land of his adoption; his fervent aspirations for the progress of rational liberty throughout the world; his sincere and childlike attachment to the truths of the Gospel; his many felicities and refinements of thought and style, commend his volume to the regard of the patriot, scholar, and Christian. Truly vivid is the idea which he imparts of the practical working of the papal system. The mental and moral influence of that system, as depicted in the pages of Dr. Gajani, is, in the popular mind, a more effective argument against that system, than can be gleaned from the most exact of our metaphysical treatises. It is impossible that a tree bearing fruits like those which our author describes so graphically, can flourish long in an age of free thought and free speech.

II. History and Repository of Pulpit Eloquence.

This massive work has been prepared by Rev. Henry C. Fish, of Newark, New Jersey, who is well known as the author of the Premium Essay entitled “Primitive Piety Revived,” published by the Congregational Board of Publication. That Essay has been extensively read, but it deserves a far wider circulation than it has received. It will interest its readers in the present work, which is truly imposing in its outward appearance, and invites the earnest perusal of the student. “The History and Repository of Pulpit Eloquence” appears in two octavo volumes, of 613 and 622 pages, and contains discourses from Tertullian, Cyprian, Athanasius, Cyril, Gregory Nazianzen, Basil, Chrysostom, Augustine, among the Church Fathers; from Wickliffe, Latimer, Jewell, Donne, Joseph Hall, Thomas Adams, Chillingworth, Baxter, Bunyan, John Howe, Tillotson, Barrow, South, Keach, Atterbury, Wesley, Whitefield, Robert Robinson, Robert Hall, Jay, John Foster, Richard Watson, among the English preachers; from Luther, Melanchthon, Spener, Zollikoffer, Herder, Reinhardt, Schleiermacher, Harms, Theremin,...

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