Biblical Cosmology And The Doctrine Of The Fall Of The World -- By: W. F. Warren

Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 020:80 (Oct 1863)
Article: Biblical Cosmology And The Doctrine Of The Fall Of The World
Author: W. F. Warren

Biblical Cosmology And The Doctrine Of The Fall Of The

Rev. W. F. Warren

Science has robbed us of the old heaven up among the stars — the heaven of the Bible and of childhood. She has unroofed the imposing temple under whose dome of spangled azure David sang, and the whole procession of primitive saints reverently trod. She has left us no firmament to support God’s throne, and “his footstool” has become a flying, whirling ball. She has taken us down to the ancient Sheol, and lo! instead of souls, there is nothing there but seething chemicals and centres of gravitational and magnetic attraction. The goings forth of morning and evening no more rejoice; it is only an optical illusion, produced by the diurnal revolution of the earth. To ascend into heaven now and twelve hours hence, is to go in diametrically opposite directions. The deeper you descend into hell, the higher you go into the heaven of your antipodes. The world has no longer top or bottom. Up and down are become provincialisms, meaningless to all who take comprehensive views of things. We ourselves are but microscopic animalculae, clinging to a grain of sand, which eddies its little round in the obscurest corner of the great cosmos of nature. Our heaven is gone, our” old hell, our biblical picture of creation, the significance of natural evil, our own central position and importance in the universe of being. Science has robbed us of all these things. Science must bring them back.

Can she do it? Is there to come a time when the rain-

bow shall again be the seal of a divine covenant, and not an illustration of the laws of optics? Is there to come a time when we shall be able, without scientific compunction, to call the peopled sky heaven, and, with the simple souls of old time, joy to descry in its remotest spaces the hearth-fires of the holy, the never-darkened tabernacles of the angels — “the faire folk of God”? Can science re-hallow the vast temple she has so ruthlessly, so utterly desecrated? Can she again fill it with the hush of awful presences, the sanctity of a divine habitation? Will she ever be able to cast out the buyers and sellers, the whole herd of scientific speculators which she has introduced, and re-invest the dismantled altars with their original sacredness?

The question is no idle one. A sadness steals over us when we identify ourselves with the childlike believer of old time, who lived all his days with a real heaven right over his head, and a real under-world beneath his feet; to whom the ocean was not a big pond, but a circumambient infinity; to whom all evil and deformity was from sin and the devil, and a...

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