The Slavic Races And Panslavism -- By: Cyrus Hamlin

Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 034:133 (Jan 1877)
Article: The Slavic Races And Panslavism
Author: Cyrus Hamlin

The Slavic Races And Panslavism

Rev. Cyrus Hamlin

The three great races that divide the European continent and largely control the course of human events have had a remarkably different history. The Latin race reached its acme of power and glory while the Germanic race was barbarian and the Slavic race was unknown. Brief references were made to it by the ancient Greek writers; but they contain little that is definite or satisfactory.

The Latin race was the law-giving race before its reception of Christianity. It had searched deeply into the foundations of justice in all the relations of social and civil life. To its stern and cruel nature Christianity added the sweet attributes of mercy and benevolence; but as a race it had become corrupt beyond redemption. Its blood was renewed by pagan peoples; but the spiritual principles of the gospel were so early paganized that its civilization has been unsteady, overshadowed by centuries of darkness, fitful and extravagant in its modern progress. It seems now to have lost that leadership of the human race of which it has so much boasted.

The German race came later into history; but its march has been steadier and firmer. Rough and strong, it was slow in acquiring the polish and grace of the Latin in literature, art, morals, and science; but its influence has become predominant upon them all. It has renovated the religion which the Latin race paganized. Its science and its military power arc too well known to need remark. A recent French writer confesses that the German race has become “respectable and respected”! There is little material in a Frenchman’s brain to receive such an impression,

and if made it never lasts. Perhaps Sedan and subsequent events, rapidly following like lightning strokes, have burned it in.

Napoleon III. hoped to restore the confessedly lost “equilibrium of the Latin race” by the Mexican empire of Maximilian, and then by the Franco-Prussian war. The results of these measures only proved to the world that the German race, including the Anglo-Saxon, is the present leader of Europe. Its pre-eminence in arts, arms, science, and philosophy will hardly be questioned, unless by Frenchmen. It has an expansive power possessed by no other race. The nations it has planted, the power of assimilating other races to itself and its institutions, indicate a power and law of growth not possessed in the same eminent degree by any other European race. It is not simply the mother of children, but the mother of nations. Its strength is its own. It comes from within itself as a race. The so-called Latin nations are such by virtue of the Latin religion rather than by blood. France numbers herself with them ...

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