Recent Works Bearing On The Relation Of Science To Religion -- By: G. Frederick Wright

Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 037:145 (Jan 1880)
Article: Recent Works Bearing On The Relation Of Science To Religion
Author: G. Frederick Wright

Recent Works Bearing On The Relation Of Science To Religion

Rev. G. Frederick Wright

No. 5:— Some Analogies Between Calvinism And Darwinism

Since the publication (April 1877), of the fourth Article in this series, the following books bearing upon the general subject in hand have come under our notice. Where they have already been reviewed in this Quarterly the date is indicated in brackets. Over the signature “S.” a list (with brief notices), of twenty-five recent German works bearing upon the subject of Evolution may be found in the number for July 1877, and of several other German and French books, Jan. and July 1878.

Bowne (Professor Borden P.). Studies in Theism. [Oct. 1879]. pp. 444. New York. 1879.

Fiske (Professor John). Darwinism and other Essays. [Oct. 1879]. pp. 283. London. 18/9.

Flint (Professor Robert). Anti-Theistic Theories; being the Baird Lecture for 1877. [Oct. 1879]. pp. 557. Edinburgh. 1879.

Haeckel (Professor Ernst). The Evolution of Man; A Popular Exposition of the Principal Points of Human Ontogeny and Philogeny. [Oct. 1879]. 2 vols. pp. 467, 522. New York. 1879. Freedom in Science and Teaching. With Prefatory Note by F. H. Huxley. [Oct. 1879]. pp. xxxi, 121. New York. 1879.

Le Conte (Professor Joseph). Elements of Geology: A Text-Book for Colleges and for the General Reader. [Jan. 1879]. pp. 588. New York. 1878.

Newcomb (Simon, LL.D.). Popular Astronomy. [April 1879]. pp. 571. New York. 1878.

Quatrefages (Professor A. De). The Human Species. [Oct. 1879]. pp. 498. New York. 1879.

Shields (Professor C. W., D.D.). The Final Philosophy, or System of Perfectable Knowledge issuing from the Harmony of Science and Religion. [April 1878]. pp. 609. New York. 1877.

Smyth (William Woods). The Bible and the Doctrine of Evolution. Being a Complete System of their Truth, and giving a sure Scientific Basis for the Doctrine of Scripture, pp. 390. London. 1873.

Wallace (A. R.). The Geographical Distribution of Animals. With a Study of the Relations of the Living and Extinct Faunas as elucidating the Past Changes of the Earth’s Surface. [July 1877]. 2 vols. pp. 607, 503. New York. 1876.

Winchell (Alexander, LL.D.]. Reconciliation of Science and Religion. [Oct. 1877]. pp.403. New York. 1877. We may also mention a book by the writer of this Article, just published by W. F. Draper, on the “Logic of Christian Evidences,” which in its first and second parts incidentally treats the topics under discussion in this Series.

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