Recent German Works, And University Intelligence -- By: Anonymous

Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 037:145 (Jan 1880)
Article: Recent German Works, And University Intelligence
Author: Anonymous

Recent German Works, And University Intelligence


Dr. C. H. Cornill: De Psalmi sexagesimi octavi indole atque origine. 8vo. pp. 42. Marburg. 1878.

An inaugural dissertation on receiving the venia docendi (licentiate’s degree). Not at the booksellers’. Very favorably noticed by E. N. in the Leipzig Lit. Centralblatt.

Dr. Joel Müller: Massecheth Sopherim. The Talmudic tract concerning Scribes. An introduction to the study of old Hebrew modes of writing the Masorah and the Old Jewish Liturgy. Edited from the mss. and annotated by Dr. Joel Müller. 1. 8vo. ppt 38, 305. Leipzig: Hinrichs. 1879. 6 Marks.

Prof. Dr. W. Weiffenbach: The Papias Fragments concerning Mark and Matthew (Die Papias-Fragmente über Marcus u. Matthäus). An

exegetical critical examination, and a contribution to the synoptical question. By Prof. WeifFenbach, Dr. Theol. 8vo. pp.135. Berlin: Schleiertnacher. 1879. 3 Marks.

The Lit. Centralblatt reviewer says: “The author adds to his former careful investigations respecting Papias another on the two Papias fragments on Mark and Matthew, preserved for us in Eusebius (C. H. 3, 39, 15 f.), those passages which have figured so importantly, especially since the time of Schleiermacher, in the treatment of the synoptists. Their importance has often caused a violent use of them in accordance with some preconceived opinions on the synoptical question. It was therefore fitting that our author should undertake to explain the passages perfectly independently, and with the utmost exegetical rigor, and should then deduce the strict consequences of this exegesis. In general, the result is that the independent existence of two original treatises is proved anew, these treatises forming the basis of the whole circle of synoptical writings. These two are (1) a short report, connected with Peter through Mark, and containing accounts of both words and deeds of Jesus (Mark), and then (2) a collection of sayings composed by Matthew.

Dr. Eberhard Gothein: Political and Religious Popular Agitations before the Reformation (Doc. d. Gesch., politische u. religiöse Volksbewegungen vor der Reformation). By Dr. Eberhard Gothein. 1. 8vo. pp.124. Breslau: Koebner. 1879. 3 Marks.

Dr. Director Thiele: The Epistle to the Romans for the Upper Class (Prima) of the Gymnasium (Der Romerbrief in der Gymnasialprima). An exegetical Essay. By Dr. Director Thiele. 1. 8vo. pp. 96. Leipzig: Teubner. 1878. 1 3/5 Marks.

The author sets himself a task which we decidedly disapprove. A treatise like this E...

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