Theological Education -- By: Anonymous

Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 039:154 (Apr 1882)
Article: Theological Education
Author: Anonymous

Theological Education

No. IX. — Questions Of The Two Edwardses For Their Pupils In Theology

The present paper is inserted partly as an Introduction to a future paper in the Series on Theological Education, and partly as an Appendix to the two preceding papers in the Series which were written by Rev. Dr. I:N. Tarbox on Private Instruction in the Ministry, and published on pp. 369-383 and 759–773 of Vol. xxviii. The questions of the elder Edwards are substantially those which were proposed to his pupils, Bellamy and Hopkins; and the questions of the younger Edwards are substantially those which were proposed to his pupils, President Dwight, President Austin, Dr. Griffin, and other eminent divines.

Theological Questions Of The Elder Edwards.

1. How does it appear that something has existed from eternity?

2. How does it appear that this earth and the visible system are not from eternity?

3. How does it appear that the existence-of man is derived and dependent?

4. How do you prove the natural perfections of God, viz. his intelligence, infinite power, foreknowledge, and immutability?

5. How do you prove his moral perfections, that he is a friend of virtue, or absolutely holy, true, just, and good?

6. How do you prove that the Scriptures are a revelation from God? and what are the evidences, internal and external?

7. How do you prove the divine mission of Christ?

8. How do you prove the divinity of Christ?

9. How do you prove the personality and divinity of the Holy Ghost?

10. How do you prove that the persons in the Trinity are one God?

11. Whence arose the Manichean notion of two Gods, and how is it confuted?

12. Whence arose the polytheism of the pagans, and how confuted?

13. Whence was it that the knowledge of the one true God, in which Noah was instructed, was not preserved among his posterity in all ages?

14. Why are not mankind in all ages (their internal faculties and external advantages being sufficient) united in right sentiments of the one true God?

15. Were the moral character of God and the moral law understood and loved, would there be any objections against revealed religion?

16. What is the true idea of God’s decrees?

17. How do you prove absolute and particular election?

18. Did God decree the existence of sin?

19. Why did God decree sin?

20. In what sense ...

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