The Legend Of The Buddha, And The Life Of The Christ -- By: S. H. Kellogg

Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 039:155 (Jul 1882)
Article: The Legend Of The Buddha, And The Life Of The Christ
Author: S. H. Kellogg

The Legend Of The Buddha, And The Life Of The Christ

Rev. S. H. Kellogg

The legend of the Buddha runs substantially as follows.1 It is said that, at a time variously fixed at dates varying between the fifth and twenty-fifth century B.C.,2 the Buddha, who had already existed in a great diversity of forms, in not less than five hundred and fifty previous births, and was at that time living under the name of Santusita in the Tusita heaven, — at the request of the gods of that celestial world, and out of love to man, — determined the next time to be born on earth, and there attain to that supernatural knowledge whereby he should become a Buddha, i.e. an enlightened one, and so be able to show to all men the way of deliverance from their sorrows.

Accordingly, having carefully considered all the various conditions under which the would-be Buddha must be born, he decided to be conceived in the womb of Maya, the queen of Suddhodana the king of the Sakyas, in the village of Kapilavastu, about a hundred miles northwest of Benares.

This queen Maya had been a long time married, but thus far had been blessed with no child.3 On this occasion she had a dream. In her dream she saw the guardian devas of the four quarters take up the couch upon which she lay, and convey it to the great forest of Himala, where they placed it upon a rock under the shade of a sal tree one hundred miles high. After this the four queens of these devas bathed, anointed, and clothed her; and then the four devas took her to a rock of silver, upon which was a palace of gold; and having made a divine couch, they placed her upon it. While she was there reposing the Bodhisat4 appeared to her, like a cloud in the moonlight, coming from the north, and in his hand holding a lotus. After ascending the rock, he thrice circumambulated the queen’s couch. At this moment Santusita, who saw the progress of the dream, passed away from the world of the gods, and was conceived in the world of men;5 and Maya discovered, after the circumambulations were concluded, that Bodhisat was lying in her body. This wonderful conception of the Buddha was accompanied by a multitude of the most astounding prodigies, which our space will not allow us to enumerate. As the time that the queen should be delivered drew nigh the queen informed her husband that she wished to visit her parents, and accordingly started on her journey. On the way, however, it came to pass that, in a grove called Lum...

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