Philo And The Διδαχη -- By: L. S. Potwin

Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 043:169 (Jan 1886)
Article: Philo And The Διδαχη
Author: L. S. Potwin

Philo And The Διδαχη

L. S. Potwin

One of the most noteworthy treatises on the διδαχή is by Prof. Massebieau of Paris—“L’Enseignement des Douze Apotres,” pp. 36. Its special feature is the comparison with Philo; and the comparison is continued in “Le Temoignage” —a Lutheran Journal — for Feb. 7, 1885. The author, with a single exception, merely gives the references, but it will be worth the while to give some of the passages themselves.

1. The Δ. associates magic and sorcery with murder, adultery, and theft;

Οὐ φονεύσεις, οὐ μοιχεύσεις, οὐ παιδοφθορήσεις, οὐ πορεύσεις, οὐ κλέψεισ, οὐ μαγεύσεις, ου φαρμακεύσεις. Ch. 2.

Philo. Εἰσὶ δὲ ἕτεροι πονηρότατοι, χερσὶ καὶ γνώμαις ἐναγεῖς, οἱ καὶ φαρμακευταὶΚαὶ γὰρ ἄλλως ὁ μὲν ἐμφανῶς ξίδει κτείνων ἤ τινι ὅπλῳ τῶν ὁμοιτρόπων καθ῾ ἕνα καιρὸν ὀλίγους ἀνελεῖ, φαρμάκοις δὲ θανασίμοις μυρίους ὅσους τὴν ἐπιβουλήν οὐ προαισθανομένους, ἐδωδίμοις τισὶν ἀναμίξας καὶ συνανακεσάμενος. De specialibus legibus 3:17, Tauchnitz ed. vol. 5:p. 89.

2. The Δ. condemns soothsaying and kindred arts as leading to idolatry. Τέκνον μου, μὴ γίνου οἱωνοσκόπος: ἐπειδὴ ὀδηγεὶ εἰς τὴν εἰδωλολατρείαν: μηδὲ ἐπαιοδὸς μηδὲ μαθηματικὸς μηδὲ περικαθαίρων, μηδὲ θέλε αὐτὰ βλέπειν: ἐκ γάρ τούτων ἀπάντων εἰδωλολατρεία γεννᾶται. Ch. 3.

Philo in his treatise περὶ μοναρχίας, i.e., on the Sole Sovereignty of God, says :

[Μωσῆς]ἐπιστάμενος γοῦν τῷ πλάνῳ τῶν πολλῶν βίῳ συμ-

Πράττουσαν οὐ μετρίως εἱς ἀνοδίαν τὴν μαντικήν, οὐδενὶ τῶν εἰ...

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