The Book Of Jubilees -- By: George H. Schodde

Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 044:175 (Jul 1887)
Article: The Book Of Jubilees
Author: George H. Schodde

The Book Of Jubilees

Prof. Geo. H. Schodde

[Continued from Vol. 43. p. 745]

Chap. 31. 1. And in the new moon of the month, Jacob spoke to all the men of his house, saying: “Purify yourselves and change your clothes, and arising let us go up to Bethel, where I made a vow when I was fleeing from the face of Esau, my brother, because he [God] has been with me, and has brought me into this land in peace. 2. And remove the false gods that are in your midst. 3. And tear away the false gods which are in your ears and on your necks, and the idols which Rachel took from her father La-ban, and gave them all to Jacob.” 4. And he burned and broke and destroyed, and hid them under an oak, which was in the land of Shechem. 5. And he ascended at the new moon of the seventh month to Bethel. 6. And he built an altar at the place where he had slept, and he erected there a monument, and he sent for his father Isaac to come to him to the sacrifice, and to his mother Rebecca. 7. And Isaac said: “Let my son Jacob come and let me see him before I die.” 8. And Jacob went to Isaac his father, and to his mother Rebecca, to the house of his father Abraham, and he took two of his sons with him, Levi and Judah, and came to his father Isaac and his mother Rebecca. 9. And Rebecca came out of the tower to the front of the tower, that she might kiss Jacob, and to embrace him for her spirit was

alive when she heard, “Behold thy son Jacob has come!” and she kissed him. 10. And she saw the two sons and she knew them, and said to him: 11. “Are these thy sons, my son?” and she embraced them and kissed them and blessed them, saying: “In you may the seed of Abraham be honored, and may ye be a blessing over the earth!” 12. And Jacob went in to his father Isaac to his chamber where he slept, and his two sons with him, and he took the hand of his father, and bending down kissed him, and Isaac clung to the neck of Jacob his son, and wept on his neck. 13. And the darkness left the eyes of Isaac, and he saw the two sons of Jacob, Levi and Judah, and he said, “Are these thy sons, my son? for they are like thee.” 14. And he said that in truth they were his sons, and “in truth thou seest that they are my sons.” 15. And they approached him, and turned around, and he kissed them and embraced them all together. 16. And the spirit of prophecy fell into his mouth, and he took Levi by the right hand, and Judah by the left hand. 16. And he turned to Levi and began to bless him first, saying, “May the Lord God of all, the Lord of all the worlds, bless thee and thy children in all the worlds. 17. And may the Lord give thee and thy seed greatness and great honor, and cause thee and thy seed to approach to him from among all flesh, that they ...

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