The Authorship Of The Acts Of The Apostles. -- By: George W. Gilmore

Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 047:185 (Jan 1890)
Article: The Authorship Of The Acts Of The Apostles.
Author: George W. Gilmore

The Authorship Of The Acts Of The Apostles.

Rev. George W. Gilmore.

Although the authorship of the Acts of the Apostles is now generally conceded to the author of the third Gospel, it may not be amiss to note one or two confirmatory indications gathered in the course of grammatical studies of the New Testament, which peculiarities I have not seen remarked on. These are connected with the use of ewe, and are noteworthy as occurring only in these two books.

In two passages (Luke 4:42 and Acts 9:38) we find ἔως employed with the genitive of person after verbs of motion, where in classic Greek we should have ὡς with the accusative. So far as I can discover, these are the only instances of such a use in the New Testament, and the occurrence of such a construction once in each book and nowhere else seems to me strong evidence of sameness of origin.

Another finger pointing in the same direction is the employment in Luke and Acts of ewe before and in conjunction with a preposition. The passages in question are Luke 24:50 (πρός); Acts 26:11 (εἰς); and 17:14 (ἐπί). It is remarkable that peculiarities of style so marked should be found in these books and no others of the New Testament, if they are not the work of the same author.

One other singular usage going with the above is the employment of ewe as a preposition before indeclinable nouns. See Luke 2:15 and Acts 13:20. Matthew (chap, 18:21–22) uses ἔως before indeclinable numerals, but no other writer of the New Testament employs it with indeclinable nouns.

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