Science And Prayer -- By: William W. Kinsley

Journal: Bibliotheca Sacra
Volume: BSAC 048:189 (Jan 1891)
Article: Science And Prayer
Author: William W. Kinsley

Science And Prayer

William W. Kinsley


The Scriptures affirm, that, in answer to prayer, a part of Palestine was once visited with long drought and afterward with copious rains and harvests, an entire family healed, a raging fire quenched, God’s purpose to destroy a stiff-necked people changed, the sun and moon apparently stopped in mid-heaven for an entire day, a thunder-storm made to burst right in wheat harvest, a leprous hand cured, a dead child revived, a good king’s life lengthened, and, for an assuring token, a dial’s shadow actually turned backward.

The Bible unmistakably teaches that God both can and does interfere in our behalf, that his interference often is a direct result of our asking, that all reasonable prayers offered in a right spirit are certain of favorable answer. The requests may be as varied as the healthful and intelligent longings of human hearts.

Some scientists smile at what they style the childish credulity of the Christian’s creed. Our investigations, say they, have disclosed a universal reign of unchangeable law, not only in the production of material but even of mental phenomena. We have found that within the walls of every particle of matter there is lodged a force; that these forces are of sixty-four or more different kinds, and their differences in nature and effect make all the differences in the substances about us; that they bear to each other certain

unalterably fixed relations, and exert over each other unalterably fixed influences. These relations we have been able by our experiments to reduce to mathematical formulae. We have found that these forces never manifest themselves unless certain conditions are fulfilled, and that, when they are, the forces invariably appear and act always in precisely the same way. It is also claimed, that, as far back as we can peer into the past, this same order has prevailed; that this rock-ribbed, wave-washed, verdure-clad, densely populated earth of ours has come up out of chaotic fire-mist by the operations of none other than these very forces which at the first were hidden within it; that the earth has developed from its unorganized primordial state into its present complexity with as regular gradations of growth as those through which the oak passes in pushing up from out the walls of the acorn its sinewy stem with outreaching boughs and waving pennons; that the earth itself is an organism as truly as the tree, has like complemental parts, has had a germinal beginning, has been, and still is, incarnating under pre-established laws of evolution, point by point, age after age, a certain set ideal under the guidance of a central germ-power, divinely commissioned it may be, but commissi...

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